Hidden blocks to money and success

As a heart-centred entrepreneur, you might already suspect you have deeply hidden blocks to money and success that make you uncomfortable being paid for your gifts.

It’s a thorny topic and there’s a host of specific blocks that cause us to push money, clients and success away without even knowing we’re doing it!

I cover them all in my free Quiz, Discover Your Hidden Blocks to Money & Success. Get a copy here. You’re welcome 😉

Money Blocks Quiz

Now some of the beliefs (I prefer to call them mistaken meanings) you’ll have picked up in childhood from your family of origin and the people around you.

These get handed down the generations and they become our ‘truths’, even though as adults we may consciously question them.

Hidden blocks to money - woman refusing cashIf you heard your parents constantly talking about rich people, for example, as greedy, grasping and entitled, those ‘truths’ got hard-wired into your neural nets as a child, and guess what?

As an adult, you’ll feel uncomfortable with money and wealth, and will find a way to sabotage your success and put a lid on your income.

Why so?

Because why would you want to become like ‘them’, the rich, greedy, grasping and entitled people?

Here’s a few more I hear all the time in sessions with my beautiful clients:

  • You can’t be rich and spiritual
  • You shouldn’t charge for helping people
  • Money corrupts good people
  • It’s not right to be well paid for doing something that’s fun and easy

Which means your real work stays sidelined as a hobby, instead of being your livelihood.

This is all very noble

Yet you still have your bills to pay and you have to eat!

You may know all this logically, but until you clear out the secret beliefs and mistaken meanings hidden away in your subconscious mind, you’ll continue to sabotage and repel opportunities to be well paid for your gifts (and have fun giving them) – which is actually what would work best for all of us.


Discovering your hidden beliefs is the first step. Most of them were formed when you were just a child. Then take action to question them and give them an information update. Put something more useful and empowering in their place!


What do you think happened next?

On taking the Quiz, Andy was genuinely surprised at the limiting beliefs he had around money and could see how they were making him unconsciously push money and clients away, whilst at the same time wondering why he didn’t have more money and more clients.

UPDATE FROM ANDY on 25 August:
“I love getting paid for my services! I’m having my best month ever!”


Money blocks are just one of the many ways we subconsciously limit our capacity to receive and put a lid on our income.

Which blocks are you consciously aware of? And what have you done or are you doing to clear them?

We’d love to know. Please share in the comments below.


Download the Quiz now. Then come back and let us know what you find!

Money Blocks Quiz

It’s your first step to financial freedom – and to making a living doing what you love.

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6 Comments on Hidden blocks to money – a refusal to be rich

  1. Great blog Linda, thank you.
    As you know I’m writing a book and initially it was really hard, the voices in my head were saying things like ‘you can’t do this, you can’t write’ etc. This came partly from school, where I was told I was only Ok at creative writing.
    I did some clearing work & also enrolled some cheerleaders to give me feedback (initially only positive as that’s what I needed to hear) who tell me that my writing is good and resonates with them.
    This two pronged approach worked really well & I recommend it to others where appropriate.
    Lesley x

  2. One of the biggest challenges for me and my clients is to set our prices and packages at a level that is sustainable and shows our value. But it differs from person to person and our comfort level. I have to remind myself that even if I am running a heart centred business, I still need to earn and living and my years of knowledge and expertise deserve to be paid for. We give so much and want to help that sometimes it’s to our detriment. It’s a constant work in progress and something I feel many of us have to continually work on. Thanks for a great post Linda x
    Melanie recently posted…Stuck in a Social Rut Working From Home?My Profile

    • Glad you enjoyed the post, Melanie.

      I’m with you on the pricing thing, it’s definitely a journey, and a constant work in progress as we learn to grow into and acknowledge the value of our expertise and the difference we make.

      It’s so easy to dismiss things that come easily to us, or that we’ve worked hard over the years to learn and now believe are ‘obvious’ to everyone.

      Love how you keep growing into that value 🙂
      Linda Anderson recently posted…7 steps to make networking fun (and get clients)My Profile

  3. So much of what you said here resonates with me Linda. I sort of knew the origins of my money blocks but didn’t want to be disloyal to my parents by ‘pinning the blame’ on them. But it’s not a question of blame at all is it – they’re MY beliefs and MY responsibility. I think it’s time to hold them up to the light and as you so sweetly put it – give them an information update! Lots of food for thought here, thank you. x

    • Hi Karen

      Great awareness there that it’s not about ‘blaming’ anyone – on the whole these are just beliefs we downloaded in childhood when we had no way of assessing them and no awareness of what was happening. And the same thing has been happening for millennia down the generations.

      Isn’t it great that as adults we can now go in and make conscious choices about which beliefs serve us and which ones need re-writing?

      That need to be ‘loyal’ to our family of origin is a topic for a whole other blogpost. Thanks for the reminder!
      Linda Anderson recently posted…A life story in 200 words (or less)My Profile

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