This week’s post was inspired by a newsletter on homeworking from Siobhan Costello of Great Business Results. Siobhan was dismayed (not to say incensed) to hear someone say “I’m a serious business owner, not one of those that works from my kitchen table”.  Ouch!

Taking the mindset of paid- into self-employment, it’s easy to get stuck in the old way of looking at things. A bit like a caged bird tweeting away on its swing, when the cage door is actually open. Perhaps too afraid to venture beyond the safety of the cage?

So I made a quick video of my favourite ‘whacky workplace’ – and I thank my lucky stars every day that I have the freedom to choose where to sit down and work!

Now it’s your turn

Where’s your favourite place to work? Are you a sitter-at-the-desk (or table) in your home office (or kitchen)  – or have you shaken corporate conditioning enough to fly out the door occasionally?

Please post your comments and suggestions below – you might inspire someone else to fly 🙂

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18 Comments on Homeworking – are you serious? No, really?

  1. I love your outdoor office Linda. I always find places like that so calming anyway. I have already discovered that moving away from the desk often inspires me or unlocks something I have been struggling with. But I hadn’t thought of the possibilities that working outside may clear the brain even more. I may well give it a try next week! Thank you for the idea. 🙂
    Rosemarie recently posted…Something Different – FirestarterMy Profile

  2. It’s not where you work but how you work. Many a successful business was started in a bedroom or garage eg Facebook. I like the variety of working in different places and even when I worked in an office I liked to escape to a cafe or outside to write or think. It’s great to bust myths 🙂

  3. Hi Linda, I love your outdoor creative space! I get my best ideas when I’m walking in the forest, but I haven’t thought about actually taking my laptop outside to do any writing.

    I have to have total quiet in order to concentrate, and being outside means birds tweeting and sometimes sheep bleating in the distance. (and I do realise that I’m incredibly lucky that that’s the only noise!)
    I love my indoor workspace, I have beautiful views of rolling hills whilst sitting at my desk, (and very often deer come to graze in our fields and I can watch them through the patio doors).

    Thankyou for sharing your video, and giving me another excuse to appreciate my working surroundings!
    (I feel incredibly blessed that I do not work in a stuffy office!) 🙂
    Ann Brown recently posted…What A Toddler Can Teach Us About Wants And NeedsMy Profile

  4. A timely reminder to me to REALLY prioritise the 45 minute walk, cycle ride or run and the space it creates inside of me.
    I love my workspace and can’t cope with sun on screen, batteries running out etc if I go somewhere else to work, but I know I do myself a disservice when I don’t get up and get out.
    It is all about balance I guess and I am not good at keeping it! Thanks for the reminder and thanks for the video – what a beautiful old church.

    • Hi Inger – know just what you mean about balance (or in my case lack of) 🙂 – I’m so lucky to have such lovely places to go nearby. This is the disused church in the old part of Duxford – well worth a visit if you’re passing by, and sometimes the door is unlocked.
      Linda recently posted…This is what she’s like My Profile

  5. Like the saying home is where I lay my hat… Or something like that my work location is where I have my laptop. I choose. I love wherever I work from. Never just a location. I have office spaces at home but that’s more for the fact I have to house work related things but sitting in there can make me think about how I never wanted to be tied to a location 😉
    Sarupa Shah recently posted…Heart centered money exerciseMy Profile

  6. Hi Linda, Love your outdoor workspace. Mine is Ally Pally Woods which went completely unnoticed for the five years I lived nearby but worked in town (I always stuck to the main paths when walking up there.) Now I explore every inch of the park and woods and the majority of my blogs and courses are created up there. Looking forward to the July you inspire me event. Naomi

  7. Now that is an outdoor office I could definitely get used to Linda!I have been taking my laptop outside to the table in the garden quite a bit over the summer, although those days will be numbered soon.

    I am definitely not a “serious” business owner who needs an ugly space to feel legit. Quite the opposite in fact. I’m on a mission to help work-at-home women make their (indoor) work spaces places they love as well as places that help them get the job done. I can’t imagine why something can’t be beautiful and entirely effective. 🙂
    Donna Davies Brackett recently posted…Why most decluttering advice doesn’t workMy Profile

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