Which tech tasks should you tackle yourself … and which outsource?

Allowing ourselves to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume and complexity of technology involved in running a business, can be an ingenious and subtle form of self-sabotage and an acceptable cover for procrastination.

In addition, the belief that just because we’re capable of mastering a task, means we therefore should be doing it ourselves, deflects us from our zone of genius and holds back our business growth big time.

But how to decide which tasks you should hang on to and which to outsource to someone else (thereby allowing them to operate in their zone of genius)?

Here’s a really helpful roadmap to shed some light and help you negotiate the practicalities, from Tech Ninja Daniel James Paterson.


Guest blogpost from Tech Ninja Daniel James Paterson

Choosing which tech tasks to tackle yourself and which to keep at arm’s length is key to both your business success and your personal happiness. Making conscious choices will turn tech overwhelm into tech satisfaction, help to control your spending and prevent you becoming distracted from your mission of marketing your gift to help your people.

How to overcome tech overwhelmIn this post I’ll help you to bring calm by shedding a light on which tasks to attempt and which to delegate. After six years as the Tech Ninja at You Inspire Me, I now support solopreneurs who are doing good for the world, by building and taming the tech you need to take you from your first website to profitability – from pink spoons to payment systems and all the other pesky issues in between.


Here are three examples. Having a go at these tasks yourself – even if you prefer someone to hold your hand whilst you do – will demystify your website’s inner workings so you become clearer on how you want it to develop, and you’ll enjoy overcoming any resistance or learned helplessness you’ve built up.

  • Inputting content: setting up pages and your blogposts, uploading images and inserting simple code snippets. There are several WordPress plugins available which will help you to use columns and collapsible sections with ease, and a good initial website set-up will mean that styled title and testimonials can be added in one click.
  • Basic plugins: selecting and installing simple plugins to add functionality to your site. You can choose and install plugins directly from your WordPress back-end at Plugins > Add New. Be sure to only use those that have already had a high number of downloads and which are flagged as compatible with your version of WordPress. Get an experienced hand to set up the more complex plugins.
  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation: installing a plugin such as Yoast SEO or All in One SEO will allow you to add a meta title and meta description to posts and pages. Alongside a featured image, this will ensure your content looks good on social media and in Google results.

Your goal is to keep your time and energy focussed on your Tribe – and to not struggle to do some tech half-well on your own whilst completely distracting yourself from crafting your best copy or designing the perfect list-builder for your ideal client. In attempting the foundational elements yourself, you will free up your tech partner to work on your most complex problems and greatest value-adds:

  • Pink spoons: setting up email collection in exchange for a piece of free content can often be an intricate task. Focus on creating a valuable piece of content and strong follow-up emails, and let someone else thread together your delivery system.
  • Selling and delivering product: when you sell, you commit to delivering something of value in a professional way. Setting up robust payment tools and reliable delivery is support worth paying for when it helps you scale, build up your reputation and reduce your admin.
  • Any tech issue holding you back: any issue which you’ve attempted a couple of times or which keeps crawling back into your head probably has a known shortcut or different solution path. Keep your oh-so-valuable energy for the foundational tech tasks and for executing your marketing strategy.

Beat that pesky tech resistance by getting the simpler tasks started. Sit down and do them, and then you will know how to do them. Keep yourself in your zone of genius, joyfully imparting your guardian angel gifts to your community and empower someone else to handle the techy tech.

At any one time I support ten solopreneurs on long-term tech journeys and I currently have four slots available – email me at danieljpaterson@yahoo.co.uk if you need help implementing the tough stuff or support in getting to grips with the foundational tasks yourself.

Good luck – and enjoy your tech journey! You can do it.

Over to you

Where have you been letting the tech monsters hold you back? Have you been using them as an excuse to slow things down and stay below the radar, playing small? And what do you intend to do about that? We’d love to know. Please leave a comment below.

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17 Comments on How to escape the tech overwhelm monsters

  1. All good information yet the word “plug in” still scares me because I am not sure what it is or what it looks like. It is the whole reason I stay at Weebly and not move to WordPress. Weebly is for dummies and it keeps it safe

  2. Thank you for this excellent article Linda and Daniel, a great help! I too have implemented the ‘Sit down and do them, and then you’ll know how to do them’ as well. I’ve even managed to set up a PayPal button on my site – something a year ago I could never have imagined myself doing. Our work together really shifted some blocks Linda – thank you 🙂

  3. Thanks Linda and Daniel
    Always google and youtube ‘how to’ – there are amazing free tutorials and bits of avice out there.
    I managed to do my SEO last year by just reading around it an repeating the mantra that it is not rocket science…it was challenging but I learnt so much and really stretched a tech muscle.
    And other times…hand it over – I have certainly fallen in the trap of using tech stuff as excuse of procrastination many times (as you know Linda!)
    Thanks for the blog

  4. Oh my goodness, newbies (not one now, finally!) think they have to do everything. I did. Can you imagine trying to coordinate the pink spoon into MailChimp and LeadPages with no clue about autoresponders and sorting through that? The hours? Okay, so I know how to do it. But was it worth my time? Absolutely the least helpful business thing I could have done. Thanks for telling us. Newbies need to know where to spend their time profitably.

  5. Nice to have these handy hints. It is so easy to fall into the trap of thinking we have to do it all perfectly as small business owners…

  6. Linda, I do hope you are feeling more yourself and taking the time you need to give yourself the care you give so willingly to others. What a great post from Daniel, I find it very helpful to think of splitting techy stuff into what I do and don’t believe I am capable of. And the just sit down and do it, oh so true.

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