I’m guessing you’ve been there before.

You’re in conversation with someone you know you can help and you’d absolutely love to work with, they’re your dream client.

It looks as though they’re going ahead and it’s really exciting.  At the same time you know the inevitable will happen and your anxiety is rising.

Then you hear it …

‘And how much do you charge ….?’

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Oh no!  It’s one thing setting your price, but actually stating your price confidently is something else!

Your stomach turns over, your throat tightens and your whole body tenses up.  A part of you wants to disappear – or offer a whopping discount – or just set a time for the first session and forget about the money 🙂

Ever felt that?

You are not alone …

It’s not a great energy to be in for a sales conversation.  Especially when the majority of what we communicate is in the energy behind the words, not the words themselves.

Fear not though, what you’re feeling is perfectly normal.

It’s powerful subconscious resistance – to money, to owning the expertise and gifts that you have and the true value of the awesome work that you do.

It’s deeply rooted in early life experiences, the messages you received from your environment, and the meanings you gave to what was going on back then.  And there is a solution.


She felt fear, embarrassment and shame quoting her fees

Mary (not her real name) always undercharged or offered ‘freebies’ to new start-ups, hoping they would remember her once they’d made their fortunes.

She told herself it wasn’t fair to charge her full rate, they were just starting out and couldn’t afford it.   When she took money from them, she felt so mean and guilty

What she discovered when we worked together was that success and money had become all tangled up with the trauma of her father leaving home when she was just a child.  He was a powerful, wealthy man and he left his wife and daughters virtually penniless.

She didn’t want to be ‘one of the bad, rich people’

Mary is very gifted and if she allowed herself to charge an appropriate rate, she would make a lot of money very quickly.

Which meant she’d be joining her father as ‘one of them – the bad, rich people who don’t care about anyone but themselves’, and at the same time separating herself from her mother and sister.

After we worked this through, and a few other layers of trauma and limiting beliefs, with Meridian Tapping, she was able to set an appropriate rate and feel really good about it, knowing that the work she does is actually priceless to the people who hire her.

Stop choking on your prices

Take a moment and imagine quoting your full rate, or even a bit higher.  If that doesn’t provoke a reaction in your body, double it.  Then be open and curious:

  • What are the Little Voices in your head saying?  (Things I hear a lot from clients: ‘Who do you think you are?’ ‘They’ll never pay you that’ ‘They’ll think you’re ripping them off’ … etc)
  • What are you telling yourself?  (eg ‘Am I good enough?’, ‘Do I know enough?’, ‘They can’t afford it’, ‘What if I don’t deliver?’, ‘They’ll probably think I’m a fraud’  … etc)
  • What exactly are you feeling?
  • Where do you feel that in your body?
  • What does that feeling remind you of?  When have you felt that way before?

This is all valuable feedback from your subconscious mind and will give you targets for tapping so you can overcome the resistance and stop having a child version of you interfering in sales conversations.

Stating your price will then be just another part of the conversation – ‘and this is my charge’ …Taa-daaah!

Over to you

Do you know how to state your price confidently?

Or do you feel a bit wobbly and vulnerable?  Is there a child part trying to take over?  If you have any reliable strategies that put you back in your adult space and dispel the urge to discount we’d love to hear from you. Please share in the Comments below.

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6 Comments on How To State Your Price Confidently

  1. Gadzooks, Linda, such a kettle of worms! (Yes a kettle. Not a can. That’s how big it is.)
    Thanks for shining your good-fairy light on this. And letting us know how common it is too.

    I think it all feels like a tremendous muddle of mixed loyalties for me, personally, when I think back to my family of origin (I grew up in a loving single-parent household on a very low income). And we’re so guilty as a ‘do-goodery entrepreneur’ bunch of nice, well-behaved, humble people-pleasers of NOT charging what we’re worth that historically it’s set quite an insidious little precedent. Bugger that!

    Now, I know from what tapping we’ve done together on this how hilarious my Little Girl found it that people might want to pay me what I’m worth, so I’m working on reassuring her that she really doesn’t need to worry, and that in fact it’s WAY more generous to earn a decent wage doing what we’re good at than going off and hiding away 🙂

    Yay for this and I’m looking forward to learning more from you about how we can dissolve these money blocks.
    Jo recently posted…Maybe you don’t need the whole world to love youMy Profile

    • Kettle of worms it certainly is, Jo!

      The weird thing is, even though we’ve each got our own entirely unique, one-of-a-kind kettle-full, they’re all more-or-less the same species of worm. Which thankfully does make it easier to deal with them in the end.

      And isn’t it great that in a long line of ‘do-goodery humble people pleasers’ who don’t charge what they’re worth, we get to be the ones who challenge and transform the worms?

      So glad to be sharing the journey with you 🙂

  2. Fabulous blog post and so reassuring to know I am not the only one. I find it fascinating that although people resonate with your ‘I guess you’ve been there’…, we all have different reasons for getting to that point.

    That’s why I can really see the benefit in your type of service, as it helps unpick the shitty buried stuff and dig deep into the real issues to set them free!

    Lisa McLoughlin recently posted…What a waterfall taught me about life:)My Profile

  3. Thanks Lisa – you’re right, we do all have completely different (and often very surprising) reasons for getting to the same point – that’s what I love about the quest – never a dull moment! 🙂

    Love your ‘what a waterfall taught me’ post BTW – you’re a girl after my own heart!
    Linda recently posted…How to Tap for StressMy Profile

  4. Wonderful blog post, very key to getting in touch with one’s own worth. I discovered my own value when I was selling my physic readings and noted that the energy and time I was putting into surpassed the low price that I was charging and met the clients to their highest good with what they were receiving as they gained so much just for one reading. I have phased these out and intend to offer them in a one2one program to receive the full value for their worth and the true transformation for the client.
    Ana Goncalves recently posted…Guidance of the Week – Rediscover your JOYMy Profile

  5. I’m sure most people will relate to your comments Ana.

    Whilst it’s always good to over-deliver and provide good service, it’s easy to find ourselves taking that to extremes, especially when we first start out or when we’re offering something for the very first time.

    Great time to start tapping on any doubts around our self-worth!
    Linda recently posted…THESE CREATURES LIMIT YOUR SUCCESSMy Profile

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