3 secrets to beating Impostor Syndrome

Ever found yourself feeling like a fraud? Scroll down – this video is for you!Little Miss Wobble - feeling like a fraud

Feeling like a fraud

It’s something that comes up a lot in my work with clients and it can happen at any stage on your business journey.

You might be looking at “the successful people” further along the road than you are and feeling yourself shrink in comparison. The Little Voices in your head are saying:

  • Who am I to be doing this?
  • I don’t know enough yet
  • There are people out there far more qualified and experienced than I am
  • I’ll never be as good as them

And you end up feeling such a fraud. And yet when you’re in sessions with clients you know you’re doing amazing work.

Recognise that conflicted feeling?

Then this video is for you.

In it I share three little secrets to owning your expertise and getting well paid for the amazing work that you do.
(Remember to come back and share your own tips in the Comments below.)

Over to you

What do you do to get past that internal battle of knowing logically that you’re good enough, yet emotionally feeling like a fraud?

We’d love to know. Please do share your tips in the comments below.

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9 Comments on [Video] How to stop feeling like a fraud

  1. I find the biggest challenge for me is that I can flip my thinking around and do lots of work around abundance in my business and although it is evolving and growing, there is still the harsh reality of money being required to live in this world and if it is ebbing and flowing and not abundant, it can really heighten these Gremlins. i feel if money was not an issue or important to us I feel many more of us would be enjoying the Hero’s journey of running a business and all its twists and turns… you kind left in the liminal space of keeping with the dream or having to be forced to get a job….dya know what I mean? Lisa
    Lisa McLoughlin recently posted…Your website can be your soul cafe…My Profile

    • I certainly do know what you mean, Lisa, it’s a challenge we all face on the journey to successful self-employment and at times can feel overwhelming.

      I find Tapping really helps with this. Whilst we can’t tap away our current circumstances, we can tap to reduce the fear and change the emotional signal we’re sending out into the Field, which in turn will change what shows up in our lives. With a little action thrown in too, of course 🙂
      Linda Anderson recently posted…How to stop feeling like a fraudMy Profile

  2. Inspiring blog Linda, comparison can be a problem for me & what you say is true, also I use Brene Brown’s mantra ‘stay in your lane’ to remind me. It’s from swimming, because when you look at what others are doing you get distracted & you slow down.
    And without giving away your secrets, looking back and reminding myself how far I’ve come also works well for me.
    Thank you
    Lesley Pyne recently posted…Inspirational Story – JillMy Profile

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