Impostor syndrome and feeling like a fraud Impostor Syndrome?

Years ago (I won’t say how many) I listened to a famous actress being interviewed on Desert Island Discs.  An Oscar winner and one of the most talented of her generation, she lived in constant fear of being found out.

“What do you mean?” the interviewer asked

“Well I’m not a real actor …  I feel like a fraud”

“You’re not a real actor?”

“Well no … I didn’t go to drama school”  (shock, horror) 

Can you relate?

This comes up a lot for people when we do a Discovery Session together.  Known as ‘Imposter Syndrome’, the fundamental fear of not being good enough destroys professional as well as personal confidence and keeps you hiding out, playing a smaller game.

But what to do about it?

If the two levels of belief (intellectual and emotional) don’t match up, you’re in trouble.

It’s one thing to know intellectually that you’re good at what you do, but if you don’t also ‘get it’ on an emotional level, if you don’t feel good enough in yourself, your energy splits and you send out conflicting messages to potential clients (and to the Universe).

For anyone considering working with you, your self-doubts around your own worth get all tangled up with doubts around your professional competence and they won’t feel sure that you’re confident you can help them. And suddenly they won’t feel safe investing with you.

Get over your doubts

What would it feel like to send out a bright, clear signal that you believe 100% in yourself and the value of the services you offer?

How would that affect your ability to enrol new clients?

When you’re able to acknowledge the true value of your work and the transformation it provides (often priceless to your ideal clients), you suddenly become magnetic to all the resources, people and circumstances you need to help you move forward towards your goal and in your mission. Which is a win-win for you and for the people who are out there right now looking for the solutions you provide.

When you’re able to quote your rates and communicate the value of your services with complete confidence, you create a sense of safety for your potential client so they can step into investing with you confident that you really can help them.

Over to you

Do you sometimes feel like a fraud, even though you get great feedback from clients?

We’d love to hear what your experience has been and how you handle those fears. Please share in the Comments below.

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2 Comments on I Feel Like A Fraud

  1. I think you are so right about this Linda, and it does seem to be something that women struggle with, although I’m sure men do too. There is a lot to be said for “acting as if…”. Try to act and behave how you imagine you would if you were already living the life you plan. It does help and eventually your actions and beliefs start to work more in line with each other. Your discovery sessions would shorten a lot of that work though!

    • Hi Rosemarie

      I agree, it does seem to be a very common issue for women – ‘acting as if …’ is a great idea.

      And you’re right, things can shift a whole lot quicker adding EFT/Tapping to the mix. Should be a tool in every woman’s handbag. Get your daughters/nieces/sisters tapping, girls!

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