The one thing I want you to know

It’s a thing that will instantly give you a breather from your Inner Critic.

Find out what it is in this 2m 55sec video. Then tell us if you agree. Or not.


So what do you think?

Do you agree with me that it’s normal to have frustration, self-doubt and fears trip you up at times, that it’s normal for your Inner Critic to freak out and have a go at you? And that there’s a mindset shift you can make to totally transform those ‘inner obstacles’ into something positive?

We’d love to know what you think. Please join the conversation and leave a comment below.

And here’s the thing

If you’re your own worst boss, it doesn’t have to be that way forever!

Are You Your Own Worst Boss?

There is a healthier (and much more fun) way to liberate and motivate yourself, so you can step out boldly and passionately, get your gifts out into the world and make a bigger impact (and way more money), doing what you love.

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13 Comments on [Video] Inner Critic driving you crazy?

  1. I like the analogy of one’s inner critic being like a security camera constantly scanning the environment. And I think of the word security and it makes me think that the inner critic in a way is trying to keep us secure. Yes, it may be operating on the mistaken meaning developed in childhood, but it’s good to listen to the inner critic because when we do, that offers us the chance to identify any meaning we wish to change. When I look at my inner critic in that way, yes, it is a gift. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Thank you Linda – my Inner Critic was being particularly vocal today so your message came at exactly the right time!

    P.S. I’ve now put him firmly back in his box….. but I’ve no doubt he’ll find his way out again in the not too distant future – it’s what he does!
    Karen Knott recently posted…[Audio] Four simple, powerful wordsMy Profile

    • Hi Karen – hahaa, yes indeed, that is what he does! (Interesting that it’s a he ;-). Who does he remind you of?)

      Do you sometimes have a conversation with him? He won’t like being ignored or told to go away because that means he’ll have to shout even louder to get your attention and make sure you don’t do dangerous things (like making an offer or promoting your services).

      I generally find that once that part understands that what it’s been doing might have been useful once, but is useful no longer, it’s very willing to change it’s role to something more fun and empowering.
      Linda Anderson recently posted…Fear of success – subtle saboteurMy Profile

  3. Thank you Linda for this great reframe ? I am definitely much more patient these days with my inner critic – in part due to my work with you – but at times I do tell her to sit in the corner because she won’t be quiet! So good to see you back on fine form and I love this video ?

  4. Yes, it all makes so much sense. Thank you for the great reminder Linda.. Every time I have procrastinated on some crucial work due to my inner critic and then eventually got it done, made me realise the importance I was giving to my inner critic and how un-necessary it was.

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