Using work and ‘busy-ness’ to stuff down painful feelings is a common pattern and one I’ve struggled with personally for a long time, sometimes with catastrophic results. I wrote what I learned about this recently in ‘What 2 Months in Bed Taught Me’.

Sick woman in need of self care

Juggling business commitments with crises at home

One of the most difficult aspects I found though, is one I believe you’ll relate to – those times when a crisis happens at home and you find yourself juggling business commitments and feeling torn between the two.

The lightning switch of roles

This often requires a lightning switch of roles, from concern for a family member and feeling tossed around on their emotional storms, to calm and grounded professional, 100% available to your clients.

At times I’ve found myself supporting a loved one in complete meltdown, and then grabbing the next 20-minute window to create a ‘video tap-along to experience more joy in your business. Which clearly left no space at all for me to process my own feelings.

The regular Tapping support I was getting was helpful, but a part of me was always on alert watching my Tapping practitioner to see if I could learn something new from the way they were using the tool.

This was a brilliant way of sabotaging as it meant that I never really allowed myself to ‘go there’ 100% and dive deep into the roots of the issue.

Something had to change

As ever, when my body eventually screamed at me, I had to listen. Something needed to change and radically, but what, how and with whom?

As the questions formed in my mind, an email landed in my inbox letting me know that Corrina Gordon-Barnes was offering her new Relationship Reset virtual retreat using ‘The Work’ of Byron Katie.

Here’s the thing I learned

I knew very little about The Work and it turns out that was a Really Great Thing.

I now appreciate the value of working with someone (who you trust implicitly of course) using a modality you’re not trained in or familiar with, because it means you must put yourself totally in their hands and trust them to hold a safe and loving space for you while you ‘go there’ without distraction and without holding back.

I can’t tell you the difference working with Corrina has made, not just to the way I show up in this relationship, but to the others involved too, and I’m hugely grateful for the opportunity to have experienced The Work with her.

Now over to you

Have you ever found yourself trapped in a Groundhog Day type of situation or relationship? Do you struggle to maintain perspective when things kick off at home or at work and you feel torn between the two? And what, if anything, have you found helpful in those situations? EFT Tapping is the primary tool I use with clients, but I’m well aware there are many other powerful ways to create change in our lives.

Do share your tips and experiences in the Comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

Not familiar with Tapping?

Not a problem – you don’t have to understand it or believe in it to get great results working with an experienced professional.

And if you want to learn how it can help with your business (and personal) growth, apply here for one of the limited number of free Discovery, Clarity, Action Sessions that I offer each month:

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In this valuable session we will:

  • Get clear on your vision of success (on your terms)
  • Dive deep to discover the biggest internal blocks standing in your way right now and holding you back from the success you deserve
  • Develop a plan to clear them – so you’ll know exactly what you need to focus on to move forwards

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Elinor WildeIn just half an hour I was able to articulate my resistance and blocks with a whole new perspective. I now feel much less judgemental about myself and am excited and energised to move forward with my goals.
– Elinor Wilde, The Working Mums’ Coach


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14 Comments on The other thing 2 months in bed taught me

  1. Beautifully vulnerable sharing beloved Linda and so true about the dilemma of using ones own ‘tried and tested’ method for shifting ‘stuff’ and the benefits of finding a new shovel and being not only a novice but also entirely in receiving mode.
    I salute your courage and would also like to heartily recommend Corrina’s work. Corrina helped me shift some S*** that had festered for nigh on 20 years in 30 minutes. Feels miraculous, certainly is clever and definitely is deeply compassionately held and facilitated.

  2. I love your blogs Linda and your open and honest sharing. It’s so easy for us to stick to familiar ground but as Einstein said, it’s madness to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. I love exploring new ways to approach challenges and I love that you’re taking better care of yourself as a result

  3. Hey Linda, thanks for a heartfelt, honest blog. I love reading your missives and I totally am with you on this one. As a coach, I try and use the methods I know on myself and yes, they do work, but the biggest breakthroughs I get are when working with someone else I trust and I can just be and let them guide me and sink into whatever is really going on. Thanks for putting it so eloquently!

  4. Thanks for your honesty Linda,
    And ouch! When you write about sabotaging because of being on alert to see what you could learn I let out a big groan because that’s so often me & I feel like I’ve been found out!
    Maybe this is common amongst those of us who are always on the look out for new ways to help our clients but as you say it doesn’t help us at all.
    I’ve been aware of this for a while and, like you I’ve searched out new ways of dealing with my ‘stuff’ – and when I do dive in 100%, that’s when the transformation happens.
    Lesley x
    Lesley Pyne recently posted…Summer Pause and Reset.My Profile

  5. I’ve found dru yoga teachers are really good at creating and holding that safe loving space.
    I’ve been on some workshops and retreats that have really helped facilitate change in my life.

  6. Hi Linda, love your openness and honesty in sharing this! I am going through something similar at the moment managing my Dad’s recent cancer diagnosis alongside dealing with kids, caring for my mother in law with Alzheimers and developing and growing my business. It’s very easy to lose sight of yourself at times like this! Like Lynn above I use my coaching tools to keep me grounded and resilient but recently also went on a retreat weekend and tried EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting alongside my usual meditation and energy healing routine. It was bliss to be in someone else’s capable hands and be looked after for that time. And the shifts in my former limiting beliefs have been palpable. It takes courage sometimes to step outside our comfort zone and try something new but the rewards are always worth it. Thank you for sharing.

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