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Back in 2014 I put together an online programme designed to banish the Little Voices in your head that make you dread sales conversations and have you choking on your price and offering discounts without being asked. (Make Friends With The Money Monster – Get Paid For Your Gifts)

I put an advance notice out to my list, gave a talk to a roomful of my favourite networking buddies and invited people to sign up to the priority list to be first in line when registration opened. I was very excited about the content.

But I was also dragging my heelsWoman looking frustrated - lack of flow

Maybe it was my fear of the weird and wonderful back-end technology that goes with running an online programme that was holding me back?

I got some training, invested in support from a VA and from a fellow Tapping professional to get over my fear of technology.

Ok, let’s go!

But some part of me was still not jumping for joy at the prospect and when a family crisis gave me a valid reason to postpone, I heard a part of me heave a huge sigh of relief.

And as the months came and went, that part of me was still stubbornly refusing to move forwards.

Can you relate?

I felt such a flake. I was embarrassed and ashamed. I’d said I would do something, and now I wasn’t doing it!

Okay, I thought, if my Tapping colleagues can’t get me to do it, maybe I need a business mentor to fire me up and get me moving. So I invested in business mentoring support.

The first question my mentor asked was “Why do you want to run an online programme Linda? Is it because you really want to do one, or because you think you should?’

No prizes for guessing my reply.

‘Okay’ she said ‘So don’t do one’Joyful woman

Huh? Isn’t that the obvious next step to building a successful business? Doesn’t everybody have to do that? Apparently not!

I already knew that my gift was in doing the really deep transformational work in private sessions that just can’t be facilitated in a group setting.

Imagine my relief then when my mentor said ‘You get really great results working with people on your 3-month Jump Start programme, don’t you? Would you get even better results working together over a longer period?’

Why yes, of course!

‘So why don’t you create a 6-month intensive programme and take those people on a real journey of discovery and personal transformation?’

Really? I can do that? Am I allowed to change course? I don’t have to do a group programme? (A huge lightbulb moment for me).

Yes! Yes! Yes! Happy dance!

Which is where I’m at now, excited and energised by my business again and no longer feeling like Sisyphus pushing a rock up a hill.

I’m in my natural flow, being true to myself, honouring my gifts and finding a way to share them that is of profound value to my clients (and their clients) AND that’s helping me create a business and life I love.

More than one way to build a successful business

As Suzanne Monroe of IAWP says, for almost every heart-based entrepreneur, success is more than just money in the bank, freedom with their schedule and making a difference with their gifts. It also includes ‘being happy with what you’ve created and actually loving what you do everyday’.

Go With The Flow imageChoose a business model that’s in alignment with Who You Really Are and that fits with your natural flow, and you’ll create a business that you love and that loves you back, without causing you burnout or total overwhelm along the way.

Which model suits you best?

Click the bar below for a few of the profiling tools I’ve found useful in my quest to discover a way of doing business that suits me:


Profiling Tools - click here
Over to you now

Are you having fun in your business, waking up every day excited about what comes next?

Or are you following someone else’s ‘cookie cutter’ version of a business model that feels like a lot of hard work and somehow never lights your fire?

Do you have any tips or resources to share that have helped you get clear on the right way for you to create success on your own terms?

We’d love to hear them. Do share in the Comments below.

PS: Not sure if it’s fear or lack of flow holding you back?

Apply for a free Discovery Session here and let’s explore together the biggest obstacles that are standing in your way.

I’ll also give you my best recommendation for next steps to take and my honest evaluation of what’s possible for you when you’ve got those obstacles out of the way.


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16 Comments on Was It Fear or Lack of Flow?

  1. Hi Linda

    What a great post. It’s so easy to be side-tracked into someone else’s idea of what you should offer to have a successful business. (And don’t get me started on the fear of “being left behind” if we don’t implement the latest online strategy!)

    I’m glad you got clear on the reason for not moving forward with your online course – that it didn’t actually fit into the way you serve your clients best.

    Enjoy creating your new 6-month intensive programme!


    PS: I love Cerries Mooney’s Brand Alchemist work. Taking her free online quiz was the start of the design phase for my own business rebrand.
    Kate Bacon recently posted…What you might unconsciously be doing that’s sabotaging your marketingMy Profile

  2. Oh my goodness Linda. I’ve been in this place too. So seductive to be in that online world watching these pretty people and their good makeup making these lovely digital products and guarantees. I’m revisiting everything right now. And certainly my niche. I was getting depressed!

    Thanks for sharing. It speaks to how it takes more than one technique or way to see what’s going on when it’s kind of hidden in the unconscious and when we think we have to do it like others. I’m happy you are on the other side of it into the jazzed up side. I’m on the other side too. A long long trek…
    Miriam Linderman recently posted…Saying Yes to LifeMy Profile

  3. Great post Linda.
    I’ve recently found myself wrestling with conflicting advice about how to grow my business – some people saying “you should do webinars” other saying “Forget building a list or messing around with Facebook ads – just get people on the phone” and sell that way.

    It’s really been a lesson for me to step back and listen to how I want to be doing things and what feels good for me.

    You can build a great income from a predictably boring business model of high end 1-1 work where your focus is on the deep transformation, not just “get em in and ship em out” type mentality some have.
    This was a great reminder to really feel into what and how YOU want to be doing things – because that’s when the magic, transformation and ironically, the money start to flow.


  4. I loved reading this! I have been struggling for a while with the “where is my business going NOW” question. Conventional business advice has been to expand and start subcontracting work. But I’m really, really resistant to that idea – I don’t want to become someone who quality assures other people’s work and just acts as a liaison between other translators and clients. This has just confirmed to me that I DON’T need to follow that business model and can instead focus on developing other aspects that tap into my talents and what I enjoy doing.

  5. Love your honesty Linda, thanks.
    As others have said it’s so hard sometimes to feel the pressure to do what we think we ‘should’ and we also get bombarded with sayings like ‘there’s no failure only feedback.’ And there is absolutely NO failure in choosing not to do what isn’t in our flow and instead to do what we love. Because by doing this we help both ourselves and our clients so much more.
    Lesley Pyne recently posted…Two ways to ease through Mother’s DayMy Profile

  6. This post speaks to so many of us and it is important to communicate it to the world. There are many of us feeling a perpetual sense of failure and exhaustion when we feel we are not living up to all the formulas…. This spaciousness you have given yourself has allowed you to refine what you want….I love the paradox of that 😉 if that’s the right word? xx
    Lisa McLoughlin recently posted…Vulnerability hangover sucks!My Profile

  7. I love the honesty and wisdom in this post, and I am so happy that you are back to blogging, as your writing is such a joy to read. I’ve definitely felt all of these things too! It is such a shame that so many of us that are here purely to help others, allow ourselves to get so sidetracked by the ‘shoulds’, that we then effectively stop ourselves from helping anyone! We just need to stay in trust that our hearts and souls will guide us if we sit back and listen to them and stop worrying about the external (ever-changing!) list of so called rules.. a reminder I’m thankful to have from you 🙂
    Helen Rebello recently posted…How to Step Into Your Potential (With Extra Super-Powers)My Profile

  8. Hi Linda It’s funny but I could have sworn I had already written a comment here but it seems not! I loved your post and am very impressed by how you have organised the post and got across your point at the same time as being heart-warmingly honest about your own process. I sent to look at the sites you mention and really enjoyed the first two (the third one needed me to pay) It turns out I am a Trusted Guide and an Alchemist. This is really useful information for me.
    What I took away from your post was that I am trying too hard to get my blog ‘right’ according to some rules that are not mine. I am not doing the kind of business model that so many on the course did and so it is hard to find my own voice while at the same time speaking to my imaginary tribe. I feel I have lost my flow a bit as I experiment with new ways – I still need to change but in the process of transformation I have lost sight of who I am. Your post reminded me to trust this process and to stop forcing myself into a style that isn’t really me.
    I look forward to the day I can write from my heart, while knowing that there are other hearts out there who resonate with what I say. But I must be patient, and relax! Looking forward to your posts in the future, love Kate x
    kate wilson recently posted…5 favourite places in the EmpordàMy Profile

  9. Glad you enjoyed reading, Kate. I’ve just checked out your latest post and thoroughly enjoyed reading that too – I love the way you interweave info about the places with your own and other people’s stories. Very juicy stuff – and makes me want to go there!
    Linda Anderson recently posted…Was It Fear or Lack of Flow?My Profile

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