Here’s a fun and revealing exercise someone shared in a FB group. Many of the group were drawn to give it a try. The results were awesome!

Linda Anderson - me in 200 words or less

Here it is if you’d like to have a go:

Write your life story and how
you came to be doing what you do
in 200 words or less

Don’t overthink it, just go for it!

It’s a fascinating and clarifying exercise for both reader and writer.

The 200-word limit allows your creative subconscious mind to pull up all the truly relevant pieces of your story, the parts that have real, lasting significance, underpinning your life and giving it meaning. Sometimes mistaken meaning.

Three things jumped out at me

Reading what others had written, three things struck me:

  1. The sheer energy, creativity and humour in each story
  2. That the greatest struggles and challenges, on the whole, lead eventually to our greatest joy and fulfilment (certainly true in my case)
  3. The exercise exposes a rich seam of material for tapping to give the story an information update from your older, wiser self

Would you like to give it a try? I’ll break the ice and go first …

My story

1950s Yorkshire mining village, no bathroom, outside loo, lots of love
Dad promoted, multiple moves, affluent areas
Teased at school, wrong accent, wrong uniform, wrong everything, don’t fit in
= Something wrong with me!
Money tight/Mum depressed/always angry/missing family
Scared – missing granny, no-one to talk to
Survive moves/schools
French & Italian at Uni
Work in Brussels/Paris, great time
Late 20s back to Blighty, meet someone, plan to emigrate
Meet love of my life 2 months before emigrating. Oh-ohhh, now what?
10 days in Oz, back to Blighty to be with my love
2 kids, leave London, country life – yay!
Reflexologist, self-employed, hobby biz, learning piano, dream life
Hubby loses job, 7 lean years, deep into debt
Crappy admin job, small company, toxic atmosphere, feeling trapped
Not earning enough, can’t leave
Keep going, hate this place, can’t leave
Body makes me
2003 cancer – turning point – reclaim life
Leave job, look for ways to heal roots of cancer
Find EFT Tapping – Hallelujah!
Work on self, train as practitioner, qualify as trainer, run workshops
Marketing and sales? Not a clue! Oh-ohhh, might need a job
Get biz coach instead, find niche – EFT for biz/money blocks – success! – love my peeps, love my life!

Phew, breathless now. That’s me – in 200 words or less. Mistaken meanings and all. Did you spot any? Yes, I’m tapping on them!


We’d love to hear the Story Of You and how you came to do what you do in 200 words or less.

And what you discover in the process. Please do share in the Comments below. Or just share your insights if you’re shy – that’s how we all grow 😉


Then please share with your contacts using the buttons below.

Thank you!

PS: Need help identifying your mistaken meanings?

Understanding what they are is your first step to freedom. To dig deeper into this, download my free Quiz ‘Discover Your Hidden Blocks to Money & Success’. You’ll likely be surprised at what you find 😉

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13 Comments on A life story in 200 words (or less)

  1. Midlands girl.
    Older child, entertaining, naughty.
    Parents rebels, me too.
    Love for TV/movies began young.
    Loved skipping with friends.
    Fear of all animals.
    Grade A student, skived, lost love for education same time parents gave up lives to a spiritual practice.
    17 left home for London, been down south since.
    Worked in retail, big brands, joined BA, travelled the world, did amazing jobs.
    Found man, married, then left man.
    33 finally found myself, free spirit since.
    Fell in love once, he left.
    Self-employed since 2004, freelance communications, home accessories business.
    Worked a year in USA, confidence hit rock bottom, came home.
    Built myself back up, trained as a coach.
    2014 doing communications became too painful, prolapsed disk, evaluated life.
    Worked few days a week, only doing work I enjoyed, led to coaching communications people.
    Realised I’m good at sharing what I know, created eight circles.
    Escaped to countryside, time/space to breathe.
    Began building coaching business, moved away from communications, growing coaching taking time, time for associate communications work, had a new idea.
    Always meant to allow my creative spirit to run free.
    Fear big part in my life, dealing with it now, I am a courageous creative.
    Proud of me!

      • Hey Linda thank you for your kind words – my ah-ha moments came in the form of what I thought was important in my life story really wasn’t – maybe it was at the time, it isn’t now.

        My challenges for me are just life, decisions I’ve made and all I’ve learnt from and continue to learn form – a continually evolving being lol.

        One thing that struck me is that I have done most of this alone – never really thought about it until I read it back…maybe there is something there to tap on.

        I will encourage people to do this exercise as a way to see what really stands out for them. I love that you shared it nx
        Neets recently posted…Dementia – a perspectiveMy Profile

  2. Love this Linda! You’ve inspired me to give it a go – I’m so glad you found EFT too; it was a real pleasure working with you, just think if you hadn’t gone through all that ‘stuff’ so many might have missed out on being supported, guided and healed by you. Lovely lady 🙂 xx

  3. Me in 200 words or less.

    I am an INFP empathic healer. I am Autistic, felt energy, and have as a life goal to help people heal naturally and effectively. I graduated massage school, not a perfect fit. In 1990 something, I found EFT tapping. Graduated Reiki certificate level two. After fifteen plus Years, Graduated EFT level two. Now thirty four. I have two goals now. To run EFT for small groups stress relief in my local area, and to make my living Surrogate healing for people and pets. 49.00 group once a month, $150.00 for singles, With payments mailed directly to me afterwards. No refunds. This is my dream career, helping people heal, my lifetime vision.

  4. Mary Llewellyn’s story –

    1945 my birth, youngest of 6. We had to keep ourselves separate from others. A loving family and are members of strict religious sect.

    1959 left school @ 14 became a P.A. for executive in company owned by sect.

    1960 My three oldest brothers left home and were not allowed home again.

    1964 married member of sect. Can’t work “a women’s place in home” three daughter’s lives are so desperately restricted in sect. I’m torn!

    1967 Left sect no contact with parents, sister & brother in sect.

    1974 pregnant 4th daughter, joined NCT bought book “The New Childbirth” by Erna Wright. Practiced daily before & during birth, discovered later it was self-hypnosis, amazing. Wow found brothers who left home and third brother through Salvation Army. Excited discovered he had been hypnotherapist for 17 years and loved it.

    1975 Completed Psychology (hons) degree & hypnosis training, I’m Teaching psychology @ colleges & universities

    1980 Opened clinic, and absolutely love my calling. Divorced!

    1993 Re-married!

    2000 Training EFT Gary Craig & trained others in uk + worldwide +hypnosis hospitals IVF help + birthing joys!!!

    2009 Breast cancer, incredible healing journey.

    2017 Happy empowering clients, corporate training, sports, & supervising therapists

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