Jac McNeil's Solopreneur Sojourn - my ideal clientI love taking time away from the hurly burly occasionally to have space to reflect on where I am right now in my business and where I want to take it in the future. Jac MacNeil’s Solopreneur Sojourn, a digital retreat for your business, is a great resource for doing this.

Jac’s exercises and guided visualisations and Lisa Mcloughlin’s beautiful illustrations take you to the core of what you’re about, what IS your passion or purpose, how are you already expressing that in the world, and what’s your biggest business vision for the future. 

On a retreat like this, I plant some exciting new seeds and leave with a solid action plan for the next 6 months to move me stepwise in that direction, plus a real in-my-bones knowing of the expertise I already possess, the difference I’m making and how far I’ve already travelled on this journey.

One of the most precious take-aways has been the realisation of just how much I love my clients and how blessed I am to be serving them.

Some of the special qualities of my Dream Client:
  • She’s already working on herself and has a high degree of self-awareness
  • She recognises the path to successful self-employment as a spiritual path
  • She’s heart-centred and passionate about making a difference
  • She’s likely overcome some big personal challenge and is on a mission to share what she’s learned with others
Here’s what she may be struggling with:
  • She gets wonderful feedback from clients yet sometimes feels like a fraud
  • She rarely raises her rates and may frequently choke on them or offer a discount
  • She procrastinates on writing copy for her website/marketing materials/new projects
  • She probably hates networking, public speaking, social media or anything else that raises her visibility
  • She’s knows she’s holding herself back and is actively searching for a solution
  • She’s feeling frustrated, ready for change and open to something new
  • She’s able, willing and eager to pay the right person to help her do the deep inner work required to break through to success

I love working with her because she is so incredibly self-aware and ready to shift, and will indeed shift in powerful ways in a very short space of time.

Reaching this degree of clarity around my Ideal Client has been a journey and I’m so grateful to have reached this point, because it means I’m no longer bumping up against the dreaded marketing ‘shoulds’, ‘got tos’ and ‘ought tos’, just a whole lot of ‘I get tos ….’, that each have a momentum and flow of their own.

Now it’s your turn

What’s been your experience getting clarity on your purpose and your Ideal Client? What special qualities does she possess? And how has the clarity (or lack of it) made a difference to your business?

We’d love to hear from you. Please share in the Comments below.

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12 Comments on This is what she’s like

    • Hi Donna – thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      Jac’s retreat was amazing and I highly recommend you check it out. The second day was her ‘Highest Vista Hike’, a series of exercises and visualisations to get a really high level overview of your business, which elements you want to let go of and which new things you want to create or develop further.

      It was perfect for me, because ordinarily I spend all my time working ‘in’ my business and don’t manage to carve out the space to work ‘on’ it 🙂
      Linda recently posted…New podcast: How To Tap For Business SuccessMy Profile

  1. Oh, I knew you were in for a very special treat completing the retreat.

    I personally found it a time of extreme clarity as Jac carefully guides you on a journey into you and your business.

    Your ideal client sounds so clear and ‘spot on’… It will certainly speak to your tribe loudly. I love it!!!!
    Lisa McLoughlin recently posted…Dreamboarding lightly…;)My Profile

    • Hi Holly

      Booking time away made it so much easier to focus in, but you can equally well do the retreat from home. With a little support/space from family and friends.

      Looking forward to hearing what you make of it!
      Linda recently posted…School Leftovers, Anyone?My Profile

  2. Hi Linda, I was struck by the quality of: recognition of the path to successful self employment as a spiritual path. As this is something I’ve just come to realise for myself as the only direction I can go in that will allow my whole hearted participation in the work I do.
    All power to you !

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