But there’s not enough Time!

If you’re anything like me you’ll feel Time slipping away at an alarming rate as a deadline or an event (like going on holiday or getting ready for Christmas) approaches.

Woman rushing against time - not enough timeIn the lead-up to the Festive Season particularly, you only have to turn on the TV or leave the house to sense the pace picking up and feel that frenetic energy vibrating the environment.

So here’s the thing.   Time does not change.

It’s our perception of Time that changes

There are precisely the same number of hours in a day and days in a week as there ever were. But our experience of time is elastic.

So let’s choose to stretch it!

Here’s a simple yet powerful Tapping Meditation (just 8 minutes long) to literally stretch your experience of Time and restore a sense of ease and presence to your life in the midst of all the pre-event chaos.

You can listen here or go here to download a copy for your portable device so you’ll have it available wherever and whenever you need it. And as ever, if you find it useful, please do share with your friends and contacts via the easy share buttons at the bottom of this post.


Prefer to read?

Click here for a transcript

Over to you

Do you have any tips to share with us on having more Time? We’d love to know. Please share in the comments below.

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6 Comments on Not enough Time? Free Tapping audio to stretch it

  1. Dear Linda thank you so very much for your emails. I love receiving them but have been too busy to read them lately I woke up this morning at 3am and decided to get up and make a sting, I looked at your email and did the tapping on stretching time. I really do feel calmer. Back off to bed now and I know that I will feel more grounded and calmer when I start my new day. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Yours sincerely
    Rita xx

  2. Hi Rita

    Lovely to hear from you!

    I’m so glad to hear that the tapping meditation helped, and that you’ve enjoyed receiving my messages.

    Your feedback helps me to keep producing blogposts and content when I might be having a wobble or two myself about whether anyone wants to read any of this stuff, so thank you!
    Linda Anderson recently posted…Tapping audio to stretch timeMy Profile

  3. Linda, thank you so much for this beautiful audio, which I found calming, restorative and uplifting. What a wonderful gift you have. I am a big advocate of taking time out to create more usable time – and I share this with my clients all the time – but it is so lovely to be on the receiving end for a change. I feel renewed and ready to surge ahead with my ‘to-do’ list!

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