If you’re anything like me, you’ll experience a bit of procrastination and resistance to getting back in the saddle again after the lovely summer break. It’s an issue that comes up all the time in my sessions with clients.

Procrastination - woman relaxing in a hammockPart of you feels excited to be getting back to work, another part is hanging back, not feeling quite ready to start yet.

I do know how frustrating this can be, believe me!

And I also know that self-judgment and feeling frustrated simply lock me into the procrastination loop even more firmly.

So I invite you to experiment with a little mindset shift here – one that allows you to take procrastination more lightly and begin to discover the gifts in it.

Take another perspective

You see, the part that’s procrastinating does so for a reason. It may not be a legitimate reason, I grant you, and it’s likely a mistaken one that got installed in your subconscious a long time ago.

But when you’re procrastinating, there’s a powerful part of you that believes it’s getting something valuable for you, and that something usually boils down to keeping you happy or keeping you safe.

Which means that it’s a golden opportunity to get curious and meet another little piece of you that’s coming forward for an information update and for healing, so you can reframe the mistaken belief and have a present-day, adult relationship with your life rather than coming from a triggered, vulnerable child’s perspective.

As a result you’ll show up in a completely different, more powerful way in your business and your life.

The shift I’m talking about means seeing procrastination as something you can have fun exploring and really grow from, rather than an obstacle to be overcome.

How to make it fun?

Be open and curious about what’s making you procrastinate. Become a bit of a detective and see what you can find out. Try this:

  • IMAGINE SITTING DOWN TO START A TASK, or at the point where you habitually get stopped. Pay close attention to what’s happening in your body, what the Little Voices in your head are saying, what emotions you’re experiencing, how your energy is feeling.
  • WHAT’S THE DOWNSIDE TO GETTING THIS TASK DONE? Sit with the question. What bad thing might happen as a consequence? Stay with the question until you have identified at least 3 things. And they don’t all have to make logical sense, by the way – in fact they probably won’t since you’re most likely looking at the situation from your 6 year old self’s perspective. Then switch the question around to delve even deeper.
  • WHAT’S THE UPSIDE TO NOT GETTING THIS TASK DONE? Sit with the question. What does procrastinating on this GET for you? Stay with the question because there absolutely must be a pay-off here, otherwise you’d be able to just decide to get on with the task and be done with it.

To take this even deeper still, you can sit in the energy of those feelings and invite your subconscious mind to float up an early time when you had those feelings – what do they remind you of, when have you felt this way before?

Then when you get back to early specific events, you can combine some tapping with reframing from an adult perspective so you can have a present-day, powerful relationship with the task at hand and have the satisfaction of completing it!

Give yourself 10 minutes to try this out.

What did you discover?

Underneath these sabotaging and frustrating behaviours are often fears – that it won’t be good enough, that ‘They’ won’t like it, that it’ll be criticised, that it won’t be perfect, that I’ll be vulnerable and exposed, that I’ll be found out as a fraud, etc etc.

Do share with us what you find and share any tips you might have for clearing it in the Comments below. We can learn so much from each other.

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3 Comments on Fun and games with procrastination

  1. Great blog & a really useful process, thanks Linda.
    I worked through it yesterday with a task I’d been putting off for weeks & underneath was the fear of rejection & the feeling of not being good enough.
    I realise that these are both just stories that I’d made up &, whilst they may be true, equally they are likely to be lies. So with these insights I just got on & did the task & had a great response.
    I’ll definitely go back to this technique at other times when I’m procrastinating, thank you.

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