It’s your choice …

Here’s a quickie (under 3 mins) video that will resonate with you if you’re working crazy hours and not seeing results.

So are you the slave or master of your business? Β What tips and strategies do you have to get yourself to:

  1. Take time out and
  2. Take action on the 20% of tasks that will grow your business (AND scare the crap out of you)?

Looking forward to reading your comments below.

To your ultimate success!


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14 Comments on Slave Or Master Of Your Business

  1. Hi Linda – My most recent and effective strategy is to take 5-minute mini meditations throughout the day when I start finding myself in “slave to the business” mode.

    I used to think one 20-minute meditation in the morning was sufficient, but it’s actually like drinking water: little and often keeps me quenched.

    I set a 5-minute timer on my phone and there’s very little resistance because no part of me can argue that I can’t take just 5 minutes out. That 5 minutes is sufficient to hit “reset” and approach my business as its master again.

    I’m also getting back into EFT, thanks to The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner, and find it’s phenomenal at dissolving stress. Thank goodness you do the work you do!
    Corrina Gordon-Barnes recently posted…The secret to standing out in a crowded industryMy Profile

  2. Hi Corrina

    Yes, short, sweet and frequent is a great idea for keeping ourselves on track – love your ‘thirst-quenching’ analogy.

    I find that with daily tapping too – if I set myself too big of a piece it’s easy to push it aside because I ‘don’t have the time’, whereas a couple of rounds morning and evening, and anytime I feel triggered is easy to stick to and is really powerful.

    Glad to hear you’re getting back into tapping. Nick’s new book The Tapping Solution is doing amazingly well and it’s so great to see Tapping getting out to a bigger audience.
    Linda recently posted…Slave or Master of Your BusinessMy Profile

  3. Hey Linda, thanks for sharing your thoughts! I see this all the time with fellow coaches or solo-preneurs who just don’t make time. I personally like to go and exercise to get my endorphins kicking and refresh my mind. It helps me focus and enables me to switch off for a second while I push myself physically. That’s the only time I make an hour out of my day to really dedicate to just me. Good luck with the rest of your work and keep those videos coming πŸ™‚

  4. Linda –
    Your friendly, calm and confident approach really connected with me.
    Although I’m not in the business world, it’s definitely given me food for thought.
    Thanks a lot.

  5. I love the use of a video for your post…I really resonated with your story… I find your tapping advice wonderful…I have tried on a number of occasions.

    I like taking a mindful walk or listening to music and meditating (percussion gong-type hippie stuff at moment hee hee).

    I also have huge amounts of inspiration and energy from reading inspirational stories and the successes of people as solopreneurs…so surrounding myself with positive people is like caffeine to me πŸ™‚
    Lisa McLoughlin recently posted…MessageArt Monday (but this one is Tuesday:) )My Profile

  6. Love that you have so many creative ways of nourishing yourself, Lisa. I hope you’re counting yourself as an inspirational solopreneur πŸ™‚

    Hope to see you at Corrina’s Meet-up next week if you can make it.

  7. Hi Linda, what a great video! It’s timely for me because although until recently I’ve been a great advocate of balance and time-out (to practice what I preach!), I’ve very much fallen off the ‘balance’ wagon just lately. This has actually been because I’ve been pushing myself out of my comfort zone and into a number of projects that will expand my business beyond one-to-one sessions.

    I’ve been loving being on a wave of energy and creativity, but am feeling the potential for crashing heading my way… !

    I do have a pretty consistent daily meditation habit and did have a daily yoga habit too, but that’s lapsed somewhat recently. I often take myself outside to reconnect to nature when I need to refresh my system and am very much an advocate of 5 minute time-out too. I’m slipping on the yoga and nutrition front at the moment, so thanks for the minder to get that back in line with my system’s needs!

    • Hi Helen

      Thanks for sharing – it’s great to hear that you’ve been pushing out of your comfort zone.

      I do know what you mean about falling off the ‘balance’ wagon (great way to put it) – for me it goes in cycles as part of the natural rhythm of growth. Trick is to bring conscious awareness to the patterns without beating ourselves up, and then make a different choice. Sometimes I get stuck at the ‘beating myself up’ stage πŸ™‚
      Linda recently posted…Slave or Master of Your BusinessMy Profile

  8. I think another important thing I have to keep reminding myself is that we all fall off the balance waggon occasionally and its great to have strategies to get back on. I used to think I would find one strategy, THE strategy, you know, the one that solves all my problems for the rest of my natural existence… but of course I’ve learnt that that is not how life works and you need several tools in the toolbox of life to use as and when, tapping being one of course. I also use meditation and that plain old one of “just turn the computer off”. If it’s off, I go away and do something else. If it’s on I keep fiddling.

    I don’t have a balance waggon, I see it more in terms of a see-saw. Sometimes I’m fairly in the middle, just rocking gently too and fro. Sometimes I feel like I am running from end to end trying desperately to get the thing to balance and making it worse all the time πŸ™‚ (This is a middle week πŸ™‚ )
    Rosemarie recently posted…Squished images in your blogMy Profile

  9. Hello Linda,

    Like Corrina, I take time out little and often during the day.

    I do “simple tapping” (SET, Simple Energy Techniques, created by Steve Wells and David Lake, a lot, including when I am eating breakfast and lunch; very gently tapping on my collarbone point has become entirely automatic and very restful.

    And I also hold the TAT pose a lot throughout the day (Tapas Acupressure Technique, and I find that that completely and utterly calms down my mind and my body and sets everything back to zero, giving me a “clean slate” to think from, and decide how I would next like to use my time.

  10. Hi Rosalind

    I’m a big TAT and SET fan too – thanks for sharing the links for anyone who’s wondering what all these strange acronyms are about (they’re well worth investigating).

    I totally agree with you, ‘little and often’ is a great habit to acquire. I haven’t used TAT a lot as I find it hard to maintain the posture for any length of time but you’ve inspired me to give it another try – I love the idea of having a ‘clean slate’ to think from and decide what’s next. Thank you!
    Linda recently posted…Slave or Master of Your BusinessMy Profile

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