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“Who do you think you are? You don’t know enough yet. Nobody will pay you for that. You’re such a fraud!”

These are the voices I heard in my head all the time when I started my business some 15 years ago, I was full of self-doubt and procrastinating all over the place. I just couldn’t get myself to do what was needed to get my message out and get the clients and the income required to build a sustainable business.

The voices would come in every time I was about to do something outside my comfort zone, like make a video or give a talk or some other thing that I was just not used to doing.

Can you relate?

Eventually I became absolutely convinced there was something wrong with me. Looking around on Facebook, everyone else seemed to have everything together. They were all out there doing their thing, apparently being successful, and it seemed I was the only one struggling with these fears and self-doubts.

I could see that if I didn’t find a way to handle my fears I was not going to be able to make my business work and I’d end up going back to paid employment, which I really didn’t want to do!

Luckily for me, with EFT Tapping I had the perfect tool to help me clear out my self-doubts and hidden fears, which meant that eventually I could actually enjoy telling people what I do without feeling like a fraud – and that’s exactly what I help other people with now.

I’m so lucky to have been able to do the powerful inner personal development work needed, so I can make a living doing something I love.

Need help breaking through your own doubts and fears?

If you’ve been procrastinating, spinning your wheels, hiding behind the computer and playing small, grab a copy of my free quiz, “Discover Your Hidden Blocks to Money and Success”.

The Quiz is designed to help you dig up some of those really deeply hidden mistaken beliefs that are running 95% of your daily behaviour and keeping you well within your comfort zone so you’re never really seen.

Which means you don’t get the clients you need to survive, let alone thrive.

Grab a copy of the quiz now. It only takes 10-15 minutes to complete. It will give you clarity on what’s holding you back, which is your first step to freedom. Until you know what’s going on, you can’t change a thing.


Money Blocks Quiz


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2 Comments on There’s something wrong with me

  1. Thank you Linda I loved listening to you. Your honesty as well as sharing times of being vulnerable is very helpful to me and to so many people I know and work with.

    Keep on sharing your wisdom and inspiring us to follow in your footsteps Hugs Mair

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