Making a decision - start before you're readyScary thought for most of us, huh?

Aren’t we supposed to be perfectly prepared and have everything in place first?

What if we start too soon and get it wrong? What if it all goes pear-shaped? 

Obeying this Golden Rule to be prepared and never start before I’m 100% ready has held me (and I’m guessing many of you) back in so many ways in the past.

And I’m consciously challenging it now. Who wrote that rule anyway?

Last week I took some imperfect action, started before I was totally ready, and guess what?

OMG! Nothing bad happened! In fact just the opposite …

I won some prizes!

I was preparing to enter a 1-min video in an online competition.

Life threw me a few curved balls and as the day of the deadline arrived, I had one 30-minute window to shoot before a client session. But I wasn’t set up to shoot where I’d planned.

My Inner Perfectionist (who’s only 6 years old and always obeys the rules and never wants to get anything wrong) said ‘Oh well, never mind, maybe another time’. (Can’t you just feel her relief?)

Luckily my Older Wiser Self saw that one coming and said ‘OK, but the content is far more important than the backdrop, and it’s only 60 seconds. We can record that at least 10 times in the time available. Let’s just go for it!’

So I met the deadline. And I won some prizes. And the video will be shown on Maggie Ostara’s ‘Quit Being The Best Kept Secret’  virtual intensive live stream tomorrow night. Yay!

Here’s my done-before-I-was-ready 60-sec video if you’d care to see it 🙂

Now it’s your turn

Waiting until you’re ‘ready’ (and you know you never will be) is a brilliant way to keep yourself in your comfort zone, playing small and a Best Kept Secret.

Where do you see it happening in your life? And what imperfect action will you take or have you taken today, this week? What could you commit to starting now, before you’re ‘ready’? We’d love to know. Please leave a comment below.

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11 Comments on Start before you’re ready?

  1. Linda, this is brilliant. Thank you for sharing your story and this reminder! And congrats for the price.
    I like your video, it’s short, concise, one get’s a feel of you. I’ve been procrastinating doing a second video (with a proper intro and showing my website like you) after the very improvised one you can see in the blog post I wrote below…
    Patricia Mauerhofer recently posted…Why good is better than perfectMy Profile

  2. First of all, what a great and natural-looking video message. One minute? You inspired me.

    And then the dialogue with your 6-year old Inner Perfectionist cracked me up. I have one too, just didn’t think it was that young. Maybe it is. I loved how you brought in your Wiser Older Self to counter it.

    You inspired me to watch your tapping videos. Thanks Linda!
    Miriam Linderman recently posted…3 THINGS YOU CAN DO ABOUT DISORDERED EATINGMy Profile

  3. Congratulations Linda, love the video, it’s a great introduction to your site & what you do. You’ve inspired me!
    I’ve been thinking a lot about perfection recently & how it’s a shield we wear and how it stops us (a) from being seen and (b) from doing so many things in our life.
    You’re right that it comes from a younger self, I also believe it’s as a result being praised for our achievements and so equating love and belonging with what we did as opposed to who we are.
    You’re a great example of how just doing is a great antidote.
    Lesley Pyne recently posted…How to improve your life in 15 minutes.My Profile

    • Hi Lesley

      Many thanks for the feedback – I’ll store the feelings up to help me move through the next big wave of resistance!

      You’re so right, perfectionism is a protection and at the same time a huge limiter. I’m beginning to get a sense that everything we want to create or achieve in our lives can happen so easily for us, if only we can extricate ourselves from past conditioning.

      Think I feel another blogpost coming on – thanks for the inspiration 😉
      Linda recently posted…[Video] Two scary things about self-employmentMy Profile

  4. Great post and video, Linda. I know there are quite a few things that I’m putting off because I’m ‘not ready’. For instance, running a webinar which I learned how to do nearly a year ago. You’ve inspired me, so watch this space…

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