I was lucky enough to spend a long weekend tapping with Brad Yates at his Success Beyond Belief workshop recently. In all we did a marathon 14 hours of non-stop tapping (apart from breaks), which is quite extraordinary. People were dropping limiting beliefs and having lightbulb moments all over the place.Michaelangelo's David

Brad uses a wonderful metaphor in his work. Michelangelo said of his beautiful statue of David:

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free”

And so it is with us. Within each one of us, concealed by family and cultural conditioning, past traumas, mistaken perceptions and limiting beliefs, is a Magnificent Being of the Universe, our True Self, infinitely creative, powerful and connected to Source.

Perfect in our imperfection

All we need do is let go of the limiting beliefs and anything else that is not Who We Really Are and hey presto, there we are in all our glory – nothing to be sorted out, nothing to be changed, nothing to be healed. We’re perfectly whole and complete just as we are and have been all along – though clearly we didn’t (and still don’t always) know it.

Sometimes it can be hard to let go of a particular piece though because in some way it’s protecting us and a part of us may not feel safe to change.

That’s where working with a practitioner can be really valuable in bringing a new perspective to the situation and helping us to see things from a more empowered perspective.

Success is your birthright and your true nature

Chipping away at the extraneous marble around myself and around my clients is one of my favourite pastimes, and Tapping is a precise and perfect tool for this.

Nothing gives me a bigger thrill than to witness another piece fall away to reveal a glimpse of the infinite power and utter perfection concealed within.

How about you?

I’d love to know what you make of this metaphor. And what other sculpting tools you might have at your disposal.

What have you found that really helps chip away the limiting beliefs, traumas and stories that you’ve been telling yourself about who you are and what’s possible (or not possible) for you in this world?

What helps you re-connect with your infinite power and potential?

Do share in the Comments below. We’d love to know.

Want some help sculpting?

If you’re ready to unleash ‘Real You’, go here now and apply for a completely free Discovery Session here with me and let’s start chipping away the blocks to set you free.

There’s no obligation to take things further – so you have nothing to lose but your blocks 🙂

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PS: I see the angel in you 😉.


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12 Comments on Success Beyond Belief

  1. That’s a lovely article Linda and working with Brad Yates must have been a great experience. I think there is an element of needing to keep going though. Sometimes when you start to dig a bit you come up with difficult stuff you would rather not face and it can take courage to keep digging to find the angel within rather than losing faith and covering it all up again quickly. Sometimes our outer “tarnish” can get so hardened and thick it can be difficult to dig underneath. What do you think?

    • Hi Rosemarie

      Thanks for the feedback. Absolutely, it can be really tough to ‘go there’ and in fact many times our subconscious mind just won’t let us go there on our own, which is why it’s beneficial to be working with a professional on the really deep stuff.

      Also it’s difficult to see our own patterns sometimes, they’re so close to us that we don’t even question them and feel ‘well that’s just the way it is’ when in fact there are lots of different ways of looking at the same situation.

      I regularly have sessions with a practitioner myself, for those reasons. And it is a process, a bit like peeling an onion – chip away at one layer of extraneous marble (or onion) and the next layer then becomes available.

      Sometimes it can seem overwhelming and like we’ll never be ‘done’, but as each little piece falls away, we get closer to experiencing the truth of Who We Really Are – and that has to be worth the effort.
      Linda recently posted…HOW TO STOP PUSHING MONEY AWAYMy Profile

  2. Thank you for this reminder about the power of tapping. It’s a very beautiful picture that we all have that angel within us, just that the “stone” is keeping it prisoned.

    It must have been really cool to work with Brad Yates live!
    I’ve been using his videos from time to time, I’m really fascinated how there always seems to be one on exactly my issue(I guess we aren’t as unique as we like to think, after all… 😉 ) I’ve found them really helpful, but somehow I still forget about the tapping. Now it was a long time ago since the last time.

    For me, the key word is deadlines and accountability to get things done, so even if I know something is good for me, it doesn’t always happen, if it doesn’t involve another person. While writing this, I really see the point working with a practitioner with the tapping, even if there are all these videos available – just to make sure you actually do it 🙂
    Ann-Sofi recently posted…How you can find strength behind your fearMy Profile

    • Hi Ann-Sofi

      Yes it was brilliant working with Brad, he is such a lovely man and a wizard tapper!

      Like you, I love his videos – and as you say, it’s so good to acknowledge that we’re not the only ones struggling with a particular issue, whatever that issue might be.

      Working with a practitioner is great for accountability and also allows you to do much deeper clearing than is possible working alone.

      Thanks for stopping by and joining the conversation.
      Linda recently posted…SHE WAS BRAVE FOR THEMMy Profile

  3. I saw David this summer Linda. I was absolutely overwhelmed by how beautiful he is. What a fantastic metaphor!
    I went on a coaching course last weekend and several people commented that they thought I was direct. Now, I consider myself to be a bit of a side stepper so I’m having to do some work on that – mainly what being direct means and the values I attach to that!

  4. I agree, it’s really a lovely article Linda. I feel like I have definitely chipped away at a few layers recently, and I have started to really feel different about myself in a lovely way. I would also just like to say I felt a really big positive shift after my last session with you Linda, Thank you!
    Another tool I have been using over the last couple of weeks is the healing code by Alexander Loyd and it’s brilliant. It gives you the feel good feeling inside just like EFT, so I would recommend it

  5. Hi Linda,
    I enjoyed reading your comments. And I agree, we don’t need to add anything, we can just let go of what is covering our amazing self. The strategy that is working for me just now – is when someone says or does something that I criticise, I ask myself – how do I do this? (Not whether I do but how?). This instantly redirects my focus to inside me and detaches me from making a gap between the person and me. And grows my awareness of my patterns and then I can let go of them.

    • Hi Annette

      That’s a great strategy. Examining our own patterns when we find ourselves being judgmental or critical makes complete sense as the outer world is merely reflecting what’s going on inside us. And it helps us move out of victim mode and take ownership of our own feelings and power to create our experiences.

      Thanks for dropping by and contributing to the conversation 🙂
      Linda recently posted…THESE CREATURES LIMIT YOUR SUCCESSMy Profile

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