With everything that’s going on in the world right now, it’s challenging to stay calm and grounded so we can be at our most resilient and find creative new ways to do whatever needs to be done.

Each new piece of information or news bulletin that comes our way can send us hurtling into  panic and overwhelm, and make our minds present us with vivid pictures of all the worst possible things that could happen. Which ironically depresses our immune system, clouds the mind and puts us in a much more vulnerable place.

Tapping to choose love over fear

Here’s a quick tap-along video to help you release stress and anxiety, ground your energy and find some peace here now, so you can access all your inner resources and choose Love over Fear.

(Please remember to wash your hands before tapping on your face and take full responsibility for your own wellbeing)


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Sending you all Love, Light and Peace in these challenging times.

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