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MouseCircleBrightYou know how getting your business mojo back can be a real struggle after a break?

I’ve been hearing that a lot from clients recently – and experiencing it myself.

I don’t mean work as in sessions with clients because I know you absolutely LOVE that sort of work, that’s why you started your business in the first place.

No, I mean getting back in the saddle with all that marketing and sales stuff.

Things like blogging, writing copy for your website, making videos, posting on social media, calling prospective clients etc – anything that gets the message out about who your ideal client is and how you help them.

The things that will actually get you out in front of real live people, so you can connect with them and invite them to work with you if you see that they need what you offer.

Ever wondered why it’s so hard?

Here’s my take on it – and some tips for handling it.Mouse (conscious mind) riding elephant (subconscious mind) Trouble getting your mojo back

Using the image of Mouse and Elephant for conscious and subconscious mind, you can take it from me that Ellie has really been enjoying the summer break!

You haven’t been trying to do things that freak her out. You’ve been relaxing, taking time out (hopefully) and haven’t been feeling the need to be so ‘out there’ with your business.

Which means that phew, she can relax a bit too!

So coming back from holiday, particularly after a longish break, please don’t expect her to be completely cooperative and raring to go right from the start.

Here’s what will happen if she’s not ready to move forward again yet:

  • You set aside time to write a blogpost or make a video for your website, or call that person you met at a networking meeting weeks ago that you KNOW you can help
  • Suddenly there are a million and one other things that you ‘just need to do first’, like checking your emails, or seeing what’s trending on Twitter, or sorting out the stationery cupboard
  • And before you know it, that time has gone.

Ellie (a very powerful part of you) would far rather stay relaxing on holiday than doing things that make her feel vulnerable and exposed. And who can blame her?

Recognise the syndrome?

It’s one that we tackle head on as part of my Big Leap to Success programme, because if Ellie is not cooperating, it can be a real struggle to make any headway at all in your business.

Here’s what to do to help her feel safe to engage and move forward again:

  • Pick one bite-sized chunk of a task that will make a difference in moving your business forward and getting you and your work in front of more people.
  • Calendar a timeslot, as before
  • PROTECT THAT TIME and keep it as faithfully as you would an appointment with a client. (Tip: treat Ellie as your client here)
  • At the appointed time, sit down with that ONE TASK in front of you, no distractions. Sometimes going out to a cafe or to the library, or just into another room in the house where there are fewer distractions, can help.
  • Set a timer for the length of your slot and – begin.

Perfect. This is where you want to have a conversation with Ellie to find out what she’s afraid of.

What’s the downside to starting and completing the task (and you can be sure there IS a downside, otherwise you’d be cracking on with it)? Or to put it another way, what’s the upside to staying stuck?

When you have an answer, there’s your target for tapping or any other modality you care to use to give Ellie an information update and help her feel safe to move forward again.

Which means that even if you don’t get the actual task completed, at the very least you will have spent the time productively, getting clarity on WHY a part of you is resistant to working on the task and continues to sabotage and procrastinate.

And you can stop beating yourself up for being so completely unproductive with your time.

Make sense?


What tips and tricks might you have up your sleeve to help yourself get back into action after a break so you can engage the flow and enjoy working on your business again, instead of constantly doing battle with yourself?

Do share with us in the comments below – we’d love to know.

PS: Having trouble with Ellie?

It’s not unusual. Apply for a free Discovery Session with me here and let me guide you through a series of simple exercises to find out what the problem is and suggest ways of getting back into action. It’s free of charge and without obligation – so you have nothing to lose but your blocks!


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16 Comments on Trouble getting your mojo back after a break?

  1. This is perfect timing for me as I am on my second week back after a lovely holiday for three weeks and a social sabbatical. My reminder to myself last week was to ease in gently and not feel I have to be straight back to it immediately. That helped. And this week I am back in my creative cave with plenty of ideas coming to fruition and more productive. I am also trying to keep that holiday feeling with regular breaks and getting outside as and when I can. My biggest battle is taking the very first step and getting started, so your tips here are brilliant at understanding what is getting in my own way. Thank you Linda

  2. It’s not just after a nice summer break that this problem hits! For me, for some activities, it’s every day… But finding ‘what’s in it for me’ to stay blocked/distracted is a sure way to crack it – although it can be uncomfortable and disturbing to admit to myself what’s motivating my lack of focus. So, thank you Linda for the reminder to keep looking, and so to do something constructive, rather than settle into that comfortable corner of resistance and distraction!
    Peter recently posted…Parenthood: the physical challengeMy Profile

  3. Oh yes, I’m familiar with this one Linda. I love noticing that I’ve started three things in two minutes – and finished none – because something about them made me feel uncomfortable. Crazy making.

    I find that it actually helps to just take a deep breath, close all the other windows and just sit with the one thing – and a timer. I let myself sit there and stare at the wall … or do the thing. It at least breaks me out of the unconscious flitting.
    Donna Davies Brackett recently posted…A simple (and unusual) solution to desk clutterMy Profile

    • Great that you have the awareness of what’s happening, Donna, and can take steps to break the pattern. I would just add some tapping whilst you’re staring at the wall, because whatever the fear that’s stopping you, is right with you there in that moment.
      Linda Anderson recently posted…Survivor’s guilt My Profile

  4. You are spot on the with this Linda. I really like your suggestion to break Ellie down into small manageable steps. A great way to approach any roadblock we encounter.

  5. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head about breaking the task down into tiny chunks, listing them out and using a timer! I often still get distracted, but I’m getting better at catching myself at it now!
    What I find also helps is to get up after each half hour and walk around, stare out the window, or nip outside for some fresh air.
    I’ve found that helps to wake me up, give my mind a break and refresh my thoughts for the task ahead. 🙂
    Thanks for the reminder of what’s *really* happening when we can’t seem to settle on a task Linda!
    Ann Brown recently posted…Moving Through Fear And Into Action: How To Choose Between All The Things You COULD Be Doing.My Profile

  6. I really love the way you’ve broken this down Linda – it makes something that can be very frustrating seem so much simpler. I recently had a block around starting a new project, and I sensed that fear lay underneath it. I’ve learned that the best way to deal with fear is to stop trying to push it away because that empowers it – so instead I spent time breathing into it, naming and being present with the physical sensations, and then just waiting until they shifted. I think getting familiar with it makes it less threatening for Ellie, so then I can move past it!
    Helen Rebello recently posted…How to Uncover Your Inner Happy Buddha Without Omming….My Profile

  7. I love how you break this down Linda, great post.
    Today is my first day back after a 3 week holiday & I seem to have a long list of things which I just can’t get into, or enthusiastic about.
    Your post is going to help me so much. I’ve decided to ease myself in gently this week, & I’ve set aside specific timeslots over the next few days so that I will get some things done & can start next week feeling refreshed.
    Lesley Pyne recently posted…Three things I learned when I was hit by a waveMy Profile

  8. the key point for me Linda is the resistance – recognising that there is resistance, and then I just sit with it, allowing that feeling rather than resisting it (!!) and eventually, it goes. Interestingly, I learned how to do this because somehow there was a resistance to tapping it away……..!!! I remember being taught to ask myself why I wasn’t tapping….. now I can see it for what it is – a fear that I will no longer have that block/excuse….

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