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Tapping for overwhelm


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by All The Things that need to be done to run a business? Not to mention the million and one Other Things that you’re handling on a daily basis?

You are not alone!

Tap along with me on this 7-minute Tapping for Overwhelm video to create more sanity and calm in your business and in your life. (more…)

How we sabotage sales with a single phrase


‘Hannah’ turned up for our 1-2-1 session feeling frustrated and dismayed.

For the umpteenth time she’d had a wonderful strategy call with a prospective client who was on the verge of signing up – and had talked them OUT of it by saying:

“Oh that’s really easy – here’s how to do it yourself “sabotage sales

… and directed them to all the free resources they needed to do just that.

It kept happening and she knew it wasn’t a great way to support the people who were eager and willing to pay for her services.

“But why do I keep doing this, Linda?”


“How do I know what to say when I’m tapping?”


Why people-pleasing hurts your business


“Mrs Anderson” the nurse called …

It was my 4th pre-op assessment for a 3-times-postponed hip surgery and by that time I was not very nimble on my feet!

I got up hurriedly to follow her as she scurried off around the corner and quickened my pace to catch up, little realising these would be the last few unaided steps I would take for the next 8 months.

It was all over in a flash

People-pleasing - medical staff waiting


When your business is not your business


Are you having fun in your business? Do you wake up eager to get started each day?

Or are you stressed out by All The Things you should be doing that never get done, no matter how often you set aside time to do them?

There’s always something more important to do first. Like tidying up your email folders or checking what’s trending on Twitter.

If it’s the latter, it may be a sign you’re running someone else’s version of your business.

There’s a million different ways to get your services to market

Your Biz Your Way - stressed woman