Tapping To Choose Love Over Fear


With everything that’s going on in the world right now, it’s challenging to stay calm and grounded so we can be at our most resilient and find creative new ways to do whatever needs to be done.

Each new piece of information or news bulletin that comes our way can send us hurtling into  panic and overwhelm, and make our minds present us with vivid pictures of all the worst possible things that could happen. Which ironically depresses our immune system, clouds the mind and puts us in a much more vulnerable place.

Tapping to choose love over fear

Here’s a quick tap-along video to help you release stress and anxiety, ground your energy and find some peace here now, so you can access all your inner resources and choose Love over Fear. (more…)

Tapping Song To Boost Your Immune System


Here’s a quick, fun tapping song you can teach your children to boost their immune system and help them feel good, in spite of all the changes going on around them in these super-stressful and uncertain times.

Tapping Song to Boost Your Immune SystemRegular tapping and singing is a great thing to do for yourself too. It not only boosts your immune system, it also lightens your mood and puts you back into your more resourceful, resilient self so you can handle the challenges to come more effectively and creatively. (more…)

Lack of focus


Problem or solution?

Lack of focus is often taken as a sign of poor time and energy management and not prioritising tasks effectively.

Whatever the cause, I’m sure you know what it feels like – it’s horrible!

Your mind is all over the place, you can’t settle to anything and nothing ever gets finished.

You’re constantly flitting from one thing to another and feel like you’re drowning in a never-ending to-do list, with a sense of impending doom because something that really does need your attention isn’t getting it.

It’s an even bigger challenge if you’re a Creator profile on the Wealth Dynamics wheel because even at the best of times, things rarely get completed before the next amazing thing you could create occurs to you!

Did you know though that lack of focus is also ….

Lack of Focus - pic of laptopPhoto by Markus Spiske on Unsplash


‘Who do you think you are?’


A powerful way to handle the Mean Little Voice in your head

‘Who DO you think you are? You’re not good enough. No-one will want to buy from you. You’re such a fraud. Why are you even bothering?’

Do you have a mean Little Voice that pipes up in your head whenever you’re about to do something new, like publishing a sales page or launching a new programme?

Have you noticed that it’s at its loudest and most insistent when you’re

Woman on laptopPhoto by Content Pixie on Unsplash


Tapping for overwhelm


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by All The Things that need to be done to run a business? Not to mention the million and one Other Things that you’re handling on a daily basis?

You are not alone!

Tap along with me on this 7-minute Tapping for Overwhelm video to create more sanity and calm in your business and in your life. (more…)