Money blocks and imposter syndrome


Here’s how Imposter Syndrome began for me. It’s a good example of what I’d call a ‘small-t trauma’ – not something we would ordinarily recognise as a trauma but which nevertheless has the potential to have a huge impact on how we experience ourselves and how we interpret our place in the world.

Linda Anderson video - money blocks and imposter syndrome

And our childhoods are full of them! Full of the mistaken meanings that run in the background as our version of The Truth and inhibit the way we’re able to show up in our lives as adults and as business owners. (more…)

It’s safe for me to receive


The Fear Of Being Seen


Have you ever turned down an invitation to speak or to write about your work when you know it would be a great opportunity to get in front of your ideal clients?

If that sounds like you, you’re not alone! Like many of my clients, the fear of being seen is one I’ve struggled with in the past too.

Linda Anderson Video - Fear Of Being Seen

My Story

An experience in childhood set me up to feel uncomfortable being the centre of attention, crushed my self-confidence and self-belief, and severely limited my ability to show up later in life and be visible to my ideal clients – until I did the inner work to rewrite the story! (more…)

My money blocks


Listen in to the story of an apparently harmless early experience I had with money and discover how its limiting effects reverberated down the years – until I did the work to change it.

We don’t know what we don’t know about ourselves until we get curious and do some digging!

Hopefully my story will stir some relevant memories for you too so you’ll know where you need to go to release your hidden blocks to money and success.

Linda Anderson Video - My Money Blocks

Prefer to read?

Please scroll down for the Transcript. (more…)

A Life-Saving Wake-Up Call


This is the story …

Of how I got here, doing what I do. My life-saving wake-up call has been hiding away in written form on the website for years and a part of me secretly hoped you would never notice it. So it’s taken some time, a lot of tapping and a ton of encouragement from others before I finally felt ready to share the story in this format.

If my story resonates with you, I hope it might be of some help to you. And do please feel free to leave a comment below or email me to share your own. I always love to hear from you.

Linda Anderson video - wake-up call