Tapping for Stress Relief


How to tap for stress

If you’re wondering how EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) can help you in your business and in your life, watch this short video demonstration of the tapping points and how to tap for stress relief.

In a hurry or already know where to tap?

Scroll through to 3m 40s to get straight to the tapping action.


Do leave a Comment and let us know what happens for you, and what other wonderful ways you’ve found for relieving stress. (more…)

He Said ‘I Have A Dream’


Dr Martin Luther King - I Have A Dream speech
Photo by Tony Fischer
… not ‘I have a complaint’

I listened to a broadcast  of Dr Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ and as always was moved and uplifted.

How wonderful to hear it echo down the generations and get another airing even as we teeter on the brink of conflict on a global scale.

I heard a researcher say it had taken him decades to mine the many layers of meaning and wisdom in the speech.

He pointed out that King said ‘I have a dream’.  Not ‘I have a complaint’.   (more…)

These creatures limit your success


And keep you hiding out …

An Elephant, a Mouse and your success.  Intimately connected.

Sounds really weird, doesn’t it? How could they limit your success?

Mouse riding Elephant

Let me tell you a story

You want to promote a teleseminar, design a new programme, or finish the copy for a page on your website. You want to raise your profile and be more visible to the clients who need you.

You set aside a whole day to devote to it. You get up that morning raring to go, and after breakfast, a shower and your meditation or whatever daily Connection practice you use … (more…)

Self-Doubt Can Be A Wonderful Thing


If you’re anything like me, you’ll have times when you feel really frustrated with yourself – you know, like when you just can’t get your newsletter written and published on time?

Every time you sit down to write, those Little Voices start up in your head with the same crackly old recordings:

‘Who do you think you are?  Who’s going to listen to you? You don’t have anything interesting to say.  No-one’s going to read it anyway, why are you even bothering?’

All the usual old BS …   (more…)

How To State Your Price Confidently


I’m guessing you’ve been there before.

You’re in conversation with someone you know you can help and you’d absolutely love to work with, they’re your dream client.

It looks as though they’re going ahead and it’s really exciting.  At the same time you know the inevitable will happen and your anxiety is rising.

Then you hear it …

‘And how much do you charge ….?’