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How To Stop Procrastinating and Get Your Website Done


There are many reasons why we procrastinate and fear is at the root of them all – fear of failure, fear of success, not being good enough, of standing out, being shot down, rocking the boat and upsetting people, fear of ….. fill in the blank.

EFT Tapping is a great way to stop procrastinating and free yourself up for action.  Want to give it a try?

Watch this tapping video and tap along with me. Notice what specific fears come up for you, what seemingly random thoughts and memories pop into your mind – and then make those the target for more tapping rounds. You’ll also find out what elephants have to do with websites 🙂

If you found this useful, here’s what you can do next:


Money Blocks And The Games We Play


Do you have money blocks?  Have you been pushing Money away?  Money is a completely neutral token of energy exchange, right? Hmmm – sounds reasonable enough but that’s rarely how it feels to our emotional body.

And finding money blocks can be a challenge.EFT Tapping for Money Blocks

Try this exercise


I Feel Like A Fraud


Impostor syndrome and feeling like a fraud Impostor Syndrome?

Years ago (I won’t say how many) I listened to a famous actress being interviewed on Desert Island Discs.  An Oscar winner and one of the most talented of her generation, she lived in constant fear of being found out.

“What do you mean?” the interviewer asked

“Well I’m not a real actor …  I feel like a fraud”

“You’re not a real actor?”

“Well no … I didn’t go to drama school”  (shock, horror)  (more…)

Take Time Out – I Dare You


Is this what you went into business for?  
  • Working long hours without a break and never feeling like you’re getting ahead
  • Friends and family complaining you’re always working and never have time for them
  • Things going really well but you have to keep working flat-out to keep up the success
I don’t think so – sounds like the worst of both worlds to me


Welcome To The University For Personal Growth


Take the plunge

Ok, so what are you waiting for?

Take the plunge! Call that person you met at the networking event. Publish another blog post.  Finish the copy for your website.  Accept the invitation to speak on radio.  Write that article for the magazine … fill in the blank with whatever it is that you’re not following through on.

Are you scared?

Congratulations!  (more…)