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Take the plunge

Ok, so what are you waiting for?

Take the plunge! Call that person you met at the networking event. Publish another blog post.  Finish the copy for your website.  Accept the invitation to speak on radio.  Write that article for the magazine … fill in the blank with whatever it is that you’re not following through on.

Are you scared?

Congratulations!  (more…)

First Aid For Networking Nerves



Love networking? Or plagued by networking nerves?

"First Aid for Networking Nerves"Perhaps it goes like this … You’ve made it to the 7 am breakfast meeting.  People are taking it in turns to deliver their 60-second pitch and as it comes around the table towards you, it’s getting more and more difficult to focus on what they’re saying.

Now there’s only one more to go before you’re on and the ‘fight or flight’ response is really kicking in.  Your palms are sweating, heart pounding, your mouth is dry, you’re in danger of blanking out on what you intended to say and you’re wondering (more…)

Tired Of Procrastinating?


This will help …

Woman looking frustrated and procrastinatingHow many times have you said “That’s it!  I’m sick of putting things off! I’m going get that website done if it’s the last thing I do!”  …  and before you know it, you’re tidying the stationery cupboard, reorganising your email folders and fighting the urge to eat biscuits (or whatever it is you do to stuff (more…)

Enough Not Feeling Good Enough!


Does this sound familiar?

“If I’m 98% perfect in anything I do, it’s the 2% I’ve messed up I’ll dwell on afterwards”

Or this?

“I’m not smart enough, pretty enough, not strong enough, not talented enough, not loving enough, not disciplined enough, not brave enough …”

Not feeling good enoughIf you’re caught in the “not feeling good enough” trap, nothing about you ever seems quite good enough – to you.  Successes are rarely enjoyed for you always feel as if you should be doing better.  Perceived failures are magnified.  Life becomes a quest for utter perfection – and like the carrot dangling in front of a horse, it’s chased but never truly experienced!

All of which leaves you feeling inadequate, vulnerable and exposed. (more…)