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Too shy to stand out? This is for you!


Being too shy to stand out and afraid of being criticised, or even worse being ‘trolled’, can totally block you from shining your light and attracting the clients you need to build a sustainable business. It often shows up big time on social media or when you’re giving a talk and it can be paralysing.

Is this you?

Woman hiding behind hat feeling too shy to stand outAre you in a ton of Facebook groups and just observing, rarely posting?

Have you been lurking in the shadows, reading other people’s posts, afraid to contribute because you’re not sure how you’ll be received?

Do you look at their posts and somehow feel ‘less than’?

Have you turned down speaking gigs because you’re just too scared to get up there and speak?

If that sounds like you, here’s a few tips for overcoming your fear. (more…)

It’s your time to shine


Or is it ….?

By the time most of my clients come to me they already suspect something is holding them back from being more visible, whether online or offline, even though it’s clearly their time to shine.

Many of them justify their habit of hiding out with phrases like ‘I’m not ready yet’ or ‘I don’t know enough yet’ or ‘no-one will pay me for this’ or ‘……’ fill in the blank.

But for a few there’s something more subtle going on. There’s a part of them that does not feel safe to acknowledge their gifts … because that would mean standing out and shining. And ‘They’ wouldn’t like it! Shy woman - time to shine


So who are ‘They’?


The other thing 2 months in bed taught me


Using work and ‘busy-ness’ to stuff down painful feelings is a common pattern and one I’ve struggled with personally for a long time, sometimes with catastrophic results. I wrote what I learned about this recently in ‘What 2 Months in Bed Taught Me’.

Sick woman in need of self care

Juggling business commitments with crises at home

One of the most difficult aspects I found though, is one I believe you’ll relate to – those times when a crisis happens at home and you find yourself juggling business commitments and feeling torn between the two. (more…)

How to nurture your clients to “Yes!”


“Nurturing, Beautiful, Loving, …”

Are these words you use to describe your conversations with potential clients?

I didn’t either. Until I was lucky enough to meet Heart-Centred Sales Expert Catherine Watkin and her ‘7 Steps to Get More Clients Saying Yes!’ process. Then everything changed.

Woman with hearts - heart-centred salesCatherine teaches you how to transform those conversations in ways that are totally natural, comfortable and of service to both sides.

So your ideal clients get the help they need – and you get to make the difference you want to make and receive the income you deserve in return. Win-win!

In this month’s guest blog, Catherine shares some of her best (more…)

Fun and games with procrastination


If you’re anything like me, you’ll experience a bit of procrastination and resistance to getting back in the saddle again after the lovely summer break. It’s an issue that comes up all the time in my sessions with clients.

Procrastination - woman relaxing in a hammockPart of you feels excited to be getting back to work, another part is hanging back, not feeling quite ready to start yet.

I do know how frustrating this can be, believe me!

And I also know that self-judgment and feeling frustrated simply  (more…)