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Trouble getting your mojo back after a break?


You’re not the only one!

MouseCircleBrightYou know how getting your business mojo back can be a real struggle after a break?

I’ve been hearing that a lot from clients recently – and experiencing it myself.

I don’t mean work as in sessions with clients because I know you absolutely LOVE that sort of work, that’s why you started your business in the first place. (more…)

Is That a Proper Job?


Does this sound familiar?

When you grow up you have to get a proper job
Are you making any money (at that strange thing that you do) yet?
People actually pay you for that?
Why don’t you get a proper job and stop worrying about money all the time?
You can’t make a living doing that, it’s not a proper job
When are you going to get a proper job?

I can’t tell you how many times this comes up in sessions with clients, when we’re working to uncover the hidden beliefs that are holding them back and sabotaging their success.

A Proper Job - caged employeeAnd even though consciously we might recognise this as past-its-sell-by-date thinking, it (more…)

How to sabotage sales with one simple phrase


‘Lucy’ arrived at our 1-2-1 session feeling frustrated and dismayed.

Yet again she’d had a wonderful strategy call with a prospective client and talked them OUT of enrolling with the simple phrase

“Oh that’s easy, you can do it yourself”sabotage sales

– and directed them to all the free resources they needed to do just that.

It kept happening and was not a great way to support people who were eager and willing to pay for her services.

“Why do I keep doing this?”


3 pricing myths that keep you broke


(And rob your clients of the results they deserve)

Setting our rates and sticking to them is one of the biggest challenges we face as small business owners.

Here are three pricing mistakes I come across all the time in my work with clients, plus some hot tips to avoid them.  (more…)

[Video] How to stop feeling like a fraud


3 secrets to beating Impostor Syndrome

Ever found yourself feeling like a fraud? Scroll down – this video is for you!Little Miss Wobble - feeling like a fraud

Feeling like a fraud

It’s something that comes up a lot in my work with clients and it can happen at any stage on your business journey.

You might be looking at “the successful people” further along the road than you are and feeling yourself shrink in comparison. The Little Voices in your head are saying: (more…)