[Video] How to stop feeling like a fraud


3 secrets to beating Impostor Syndrome

Ever found yourself feeling like a fraud? Scroll down – this video is for you!Little Miss Wobble - feeling like a fraud

Feeling like a fraud

It’s something that comes up a lot in my work with clients and it can happen at any stage on your business journey.

You might be looking at “the successful people” further along the road than you are and feeling yourself shrink in comparison. The Little Voices in your head are saying: (more…)

Was It Fear or Lack of Flow?


I didn’t know

Back in 2014 I put together an online programme designed to banish the Little Voices in your head that make you dread sales conversations and have you choking on your price and offering discounts without being asked. (Make Friends With The Money Monster – Get Paid For Your Gifts)

I put an advance notice out to my list, gave a talk to a roomful of my favourite networking buddies and invited people to sign up to the priority list to be first in line when registration opened. I was very excited about the content.

But I was also dragging my heelsWoman looking frustrated - lack of flow

Maybe it was my fear of the weird and wonderful back-end technology that goes with running an online programme that was holding me back? (more…)

Not enough Time? Free Tapping audio to stretch it


But there’s not enough Time!

If you’re anything like me you’ll feel Time slipping away at an alarming rate as a deadline or an event (like going on holiday or getting ready for Christmas) approaches.

Woman rushing against time - not enough timeIn the lead-up to the Festive Season particularly, you only have to turn on the TV or leave the house to sense the pace picking up and feel that frenetic energy vibrating the environment.

So here’s the thing.   (more…)

Survivor’s guilt


… and a hidden vow against Money

Man pushing Money awaySupporting clients in clearing their blocks to money and success is one of my favourite things to do – in fact I’d do it even if no-one paid me (but shhhh, don’t tell anyone!).

Here’s a pattern I see all the time working with clients, particularly if their family struggled to make ends meet   (more…)

Start before you’re ready?