Homeworking – are you serious? No, really?


This week’s post was inspired by a newsletter on homeworking from Siobhan Costello of Great Business Results. Siobhan was dismayed (not to say incensed) to hear someone say “I’m a serious business owner, not one of those that works from my kitchen table”.  Ouch!

Taking the mindset of paid- into self-employment, it’s easy to get stuck in the old way of looking at things. A bit like a caged bird tweeting away on its swing, when the cage door is actually open. Perhaps too afraid to venture beyond the safety of the cage?

So I made a quick video of my favourite ‘whacky workplace’ – and I thank my lucky stars every day that I have the freedom to choose where to sit down and work!

Now it’s your turn


This is what she’s like


Jac McNeil's Solopreneur Sojourn - my ideal clientI love taking time away from the hurly burly occasionally to have space to reflect on where I am right now in my business and where I want to take it in the future. Jac MacNeil’s Solopreneur Sojourn, a digital retreat for your business, is a great resource for doing this.

Jac’s exercises and guided visualisations and Lisa Mcloughlin’s beautiful illustrations take you to the core of what you’re about, what IS your passion or purpose, how are you already expressing that in the world, and what’s your biggest business vision for the future.  (more…)

Should have done better …


Ever found yourself working with someone, knowing they could be getting so much more out of your work together but somehow it’s just not happening for them? So you think you should have done better?

Sun Waving Goodbye - should have done better


So you don’t ask for a testimonial when they reach the end of your programme, you wish them well and simply wave them goodbye with all kinds of doubting thoughts in your head every time you think of them? (more…)

Please don’t read all of this


… if you want to watch The Truman Show

I recently watched this movie, whose hero Truman is born into a TV series of the same name and is the only character in the show who doesn’t realise that this is not real life, it’s just a TV show.

The director and rest of the cast keep Truman in the dark and he lives his whole life in the firm belief that this is it, this is Reality.

Spoiler Alert:

If you mean to watch the movie, skip the next para and move straight on to the next … (more…)

Using EFT Tapping for Depression


BBC News Item on EFT Tapping for Depression

Using EFT Tapping for DepressionHere’s another potentially life-changing use for EFT Tapping.

Professor Tony Stewart of Staffordshire University discusses using EFT Tapping as an effective treatment for patients with clinical depression or psychosis.

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