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Should have done better …


Ever found yourself working with someone, knowing they could be getting so much more out of your work together but somehow it’s just not happening for them? So you think you should have done better?

Sun Waving Goodbye - should have done better


So you don’t ask for a testimonial when they reach the end of your programme, you wish them well and simply wave them goodbye with all kinds of doubting thoughts in your head every time you think of them? (more…)

Please don’t read all of this


… if you want to watch The Truman Show

I recently watched this movie, whose hero Truman is born into a TV series of the same name and is the only character in the show who doesn’t realise that this is not real life, it’s just a TV show.

The director and rest of the cast keep Truman in the dark and he lives his whole life in the firm belief that this is it, this is Reality.

Spoiler Alert:

If you mean to watch the movie, skip the next para and move straight on to the next … (more…)

Using EFT Tapping for Depression


BBC News Item on EFT Tapping for Depression

Using EFT Tapping for DepressionHere’s another potentially life-changing use for EFT Tapping.

Professor Tony Stewart of Staffordshire University discusses using EFT Tapping as an effective treatment for patients with clinical depression or psychosis.

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What if you didn’t worry?


I was in the dentist’s waiting-room with a friend who was desperate to get home and book a flight before the price quadrupled or the seats sold out.  She was checking her phone and groaning every few minutes. The dentist was running late. I mean reeally late.

As the minutes ticked by, I felt her anxiety rising with each ‘What if?’ thought that occurred to her:


Hate networking?


This is for you

Do you ever feel nervous walking into a networking event, almost as though you’re an alien of some kind, and you have to try and be accepted by the group before they find you out? Do you really hate networking?

I know for some people it’s no big deal, but those horrible networking nerves kept me away from live networking groups for years.

Why did I feel like that?

Little Girl Tugging at Adult Woman's Skirt - hate networkingAfter all, I had a lot of expertise and experience doing what I do, I was getting great feedback from clients, but somehow walking into a group like that had me feeling like a vulnerable 6-year old.

I remember how scary it felt to imagine that those little huddles of people could be whispering about me, saying nasty things, plotting to humiliate me and bring me down.

And I hear similar stories from clients all the time. (more…)