What if you didn’t worry?


I was in the dentist’s waiting-room with a friend who was desperate to get home and book a flight before the price quadrupled or the seats sold out.  She was checking her phone and groaning every few minutes. The dentist was running late. I mean reeally late.

As the minutes ticked by, I felt her anxiety rising with each ‘What if?’ thought that occurred to her:


Hate networking?


This is for you

Do you ever feel nervous walking into a networking event, almost as though you’re an alien of some kind, and you have to try and be accepted by the group before they find you out? Do you really hate networking?

I know for some people it’s no big deal, but those horrible networking nerves kept me away from live networking groups for years.

Why did I feel like that?

Little Girl Tugging at Adult Woman's Skirt - hate networkingAfter all, I had a lot of expertise and experience doing what I do, I was getting great feedback from clients, but somehow walking into a group like that had me feeling like a vulnerable 6-year old.

I remember how scary it felt to imagine that those little huddles of people could be whispering about me, saying nasty things, plotting to humiliate me and bring me down.

And I hear similar stories from clients all the time. (more…)

Success Beyond Belief


I was lucky enough to spend a long weekend tapping with Brad Yates at his Success Beyond Belief workshop recently. In all we did a marathon 14 hours of non-stop tapping (apart from breaks), which is quite extraordinary. People were dropping limiting beliefs and having lightbulb moments all over the place.Michaelangelo's David

Brad uses a wonderful metaphor in his work. Michelangelo said of his beautiful statue of David:

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free”

And so it is with us. (more…)

It’s The Himalayas – Keep Going!


I know it can be hard at times

You know, when you’re having one of those down-days and all the excitement and passion of building a business are buried under an avalanche of things you ‘should’ be doing – and you know you’re not playing full out..

When you’re doubting you’ve got what it takes and you feel like giving up and getting a job.

Getting a job would be so much easier, wouldn’t it?

Easier – maybe. Safer? Perhaps, though there’s no guarantee of job security these days. (more…)

She Was Brave For Them


[Video] Do you get stage-fright?

If I asked you to go on stage and talk about your work, would you be excited or terrified?

You’d get stage fright? Then you’re not alone. That vision you want to share with the world is dear to your heart and the thought of explaining it to an audience can be terrifying.

I mean, what if you don’t explain it right or they don’t understand? What if they think it’s a load of rubbish? What if you blank out? What if … ? blah, blah, blah (yes, I’ve heard those voices too.)

And there is good reason to be brave and not let fear stop you …   (more…)