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Lack of focus


Problem or solution?

Lack of focus is often taken as a sign of poor time and energy management and not prioritising tasks effectively.

Whatever the cause, I’m sure you know what it feels like – it’s horrible!

Your mind is all over the place, you can’t settle to anything and nothing ever gets finished.

You’re constantly flitting from one thing to another and feel like you’re drowning in a never-ending to-do list, with a sense of impending doom because something that really does need your attention isn’t getting it.

It’s an even bigger challenge if you’re a Creator profile on the Wealth Dynamics wheel because even at the best of times, things rarely get completed before the next amazing thing you could create occurs to you!

Did you know though that lack of focus is also ….

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‘Who do you think you are?’


A powerful way to handle the Mean Little Voice in your head

‘Who DO you think you are? You’re not good enough. No-one will want to buy from you. You’re such a fraud. Why are you even bothering?’

Do you have a mean Little Voice that pipes up in your head whenever you’re about to do something new, like publishing a sales page or launching a new programme?

Have you noticed that it’s at its loudest and most insistent when you’re

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Tapping for overwhelm


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by All The Things that need to be done to run a business? Not to mention the million and one Other Things that you’re handling on a daily basis?

You are not alone!

Tap along with me on this 7-minute Tapping for Overwhelm video to create more sanity and calm in your business and in your life. (more…)

Not enough Time? Free Tapping audio to stretch it


But there’s not enough Time!

If you’re anything like me you’ll feel Time slipping away at an alarming rate as a deadline or an event (like going on holiday or getting ready for Christmas) approaches.

Woman rushing against time - not enough timeIn the lead-up to the Festive Season particularly, you only have to turn on the TV or leave the house to sense the pace picking up and feel that frenetic energy vibrating the environment.

So here’s the thing.   (more…)

Survivor’s guilt


… and a hidden vow against Money

Man pushing Money awaySupporting clients in clearing their blocks to money and success is one of my favourite things to do – in fact I’d do it even if no-one paid me (but shhhh, don’t tell anyone!).

Here’s a pattern I see all the time working with clients, particularly if their family struggled to make ends meet   (more…)