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Each month I offer limited opportunities to work with me personally for free (absolutely no strings attached) to help you discover precisely where you’re blocking yourself and why.

In this valuable 60-minute Session, together we will:

  • Define clearly your vision of success – on your terms
  • Discover the biggest obstacles holding you back, and
  • Get clarity on what you need to do to move forward

If you’re tired of procrastinating, hiding behind the computer and playing small, apply for a free Discovery Session with me now and find out if this is the right approach and the right time for you.

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I’m a Tapping convert! 

Elinor Wilde

“If I’m honest, when I signed up for a Discovery Session with Linda I felt pretty sceptical about how doing a few taps would help with any of my issues.

Blimey how wrong I was!  

In just half an hour I was able to articulate my resistance and blocks with a whole new perspective. I now feel much less judgemental about myself and am excited and energised to move forward with my goals.

Elinor Wilde,

So are you truly ready for change and open to something new?

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Wow! Something was cleared, just from the Discovery Session!


 “Since seeing you the other day I’ve had 2 new clients out of the blue and 3 new Juice Plus customers. Something was cleared just from the Discovery Session. Fantastic! Just had to share that with you. Thank you!”

Carrie Richardson, Nurture Therapies

Still here?

What are you waiting for? It’s completely free of charge and you’ve nothing to lose but your blocks 🙂

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Within minutes Linda had identified a big, fat, juicy block 

Alison Perry“I had done a lot of work with EFT, both on myself and with my clients, but I had some kind of block stopping me from using it. This is what I expected to be working on in the Discovery Session, but Linda had other ideas!

Within minutes she had identified a big, fat, juicy block that was causing me to procrastinate in a major way, not just in relation to tapping but in many other areas too.

Since then I have worked quickly and easily through things that I had been putting off for quite some time.

Thank you, Linda.”

Alison Perry, Happiness Coach, Attraction in Action


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I was procrastinating on writing for my blog and feeling really stuck

Lesley Pyne“Through her insightful questions Linda was able to quickly get to the root of my block and use great techniques for clearing it. I really recommend working with her if you are stuck on something or have a negative belief that stops you having the life and business you want.”

Lesley Pyne


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