Don’t despair – there is a way out

I can’t recommend Linda highly enough

Lynn Hord, The Joy CoachIt doesn’t matter what I bring to our calls, I can always tell her my deepest truth because I know she will accept and empathise no matter what it is. 

Over the years we’ve worked together she has helped me turn around my relationship with money; accept and release some difficult childhood experiences; connect with the essence of who I am (that was fun!); work through emotional blocks that kept my business stuck; and she has also supported me through cancer treatment and beyond.

If you want to work with someone who can see you for the divine soul that you are, who can gently move you through your pain and blocks to a place of new possibility, and who wraps you in warmth, care and love while she’s doing it – then I can’t recommend Linda highly enough. 

Lynn Hord, The Joy Coach and founder of the Joy Jam Sessions 

I didn’t appreciate quite how profound the work would be …

Hilary Lees, Career & Leadership CoachLinda’s work is deep and hugely powerful. I worked with her to help me clear some internal resistance to becoming more visible in my business but I didn’t appreciate quite how profound the work would be. She is hugely perceptive, warm and wise, and immediately understood where my internal blocks were coming from and supported me through some major personal as well as professional challenges which could otherwise have derailed me from my business purpose.

I still find the EFT scripts she gave me really helpful in clearing any latent anxieties that get in my way. I would highly recommend her service to any other business owner who wants to master their mindset and grow their business impact.

Hilary Lees, Career and Leadership Coach, Essence Coaching

This was a fantastic investment

Linda absolutely transformed my relationship with money from a really negative one to a more positive one than most people I know. It has been a really big change and one that people around me have been commenting on and I’ve been excited to tell them about what’s happened and how it happened ….

It was a fantastic investment, really really good value for money and I’d recommend anyone who feels like they struggle when it comes to money should work with Linda and reap the benefits.

Andy Hix, Director, Wellbeing Capital Partners

It’s hard to put into words
how good this feels

Photo of Vicky Comiskey

I knew that to have a more stable flow of clients I had to step out of my comfort zone and become more visible, but worry about creating a reliable income had started to take over from the joy I had in my work and I had become quite stressed.

After working with Linda I’m now so clear on the people I love to work with, and confident about the results they will get. I no longer fear getting out there and marketing, I’m completely confident about my pricing and telling people about my programmes, and, more importantly, I’m fully connected back in with the joy I feel when working with someone.

Linda is incredibly compassionate and gentle and I always felt safe, cared for and understood.

If you’re considering working with her, just do it! You will never regret it and in fact it will bring benefits and freedom that you haven’t even thought of yet. If you know your fears are holding you back, then work with Linda. You will grow beyond your own imagining.

Victoria Comiskey,

Working with Linda changed my life

Within the first session I was absolutely blown away. I’ve worked with mentors and coaches but I’ve never experienced anything like this before. Linda helped me to go much deeper and new things came up that I wasn’t even aware I was holding on to.

As a result, not only does making videos feel easier, but actually it’s helped me in many aspects of my life. I’m so grateful to have found Linda and to have worked with her because honestly, it has changed my life and I feel like I’m only just beginning my journey.

Julie Hall, The School of Marketing and Julie Hall Online

It has transformed the way I feel

I was simultaneously drawn to Linda’s warmth and wisdom, but resistant as the “tapping thing” just seemed too odd. I was very sceptical to be honest, but working with Linda is unlike any other inner work. She holds such a safe space and gently uncovers what is really going on, in such an empowering way.

Linda enabled me to shift some major blocks and it has really transformed the way I feel.

So if you’re unsure, or are questioning how Linda could help, I’d encourage you to take a leap and give it a go. I’m extremely glad I did”

Caroline Walker, Founder of Confident Teens

This programme surpassed all expectations


Having pumped so much time, energy and heart into my business, holding back was no longer an option!

I approached Linda with one particular block and we identified (and cleared) many more that had been subconsciously weighing me down and holding me back.

Successful outcomes include having the confidence to claim my niche, presenting confidently without spending valuable time memorising a full script, giving myself permission to share my story, and reframing upsetting childhood experiences so they no longer continue to trip me up in my 40s!

The programme surpassed all expectations and the sessions can only be described as immensely powerful.

Lisa Barber, Mentor to those doing work that helps or heals  Roots And Wings

After just one session I started to see incredible shifts …

I decided to work with Linda because I had reached a big sticking-point in my self-development journey and knew I needed help to get beyond it. On the outside I was confident and successful, but on the inside I was battling with self-worth issues that were holding me back from fully expressing the work I was longing to bring to the world. I was exhausted from over-serving, under-earning and frustrated because I lacked the courage to change things.

After just one session with Linda I started to see incredible shifts. I created a new, more aligned programme and had my first client sign up for it within a week, and I found the courage to start expressing my truest self in all senses – including addressing my life-long fear of public speaking – something that would have been impossible before!

Working with Linda has revolutionised my life and been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Helen Rebello, Peaceful Pathfinder at The Tranquil Path

I’m achieving more than I thought possible

I was not prepared for how profound and ground-breaking this work would be for me. Linda is extremely kind, supportive and intuitive, and has a sixth sense for this work. She is non-judgmental, completely trustworthy and able to find ways through the toughest of challenges.

I have experienced so many major changes in working with her – I feel more confident and congruent in my skin, I’m more aware of my triggers and what I can do about them and I have made some courageous changes in my life that I never thought I’d be able to. I’m also achieving more than I thought possible – my fitness has hit new levels, I’ve stopped drinking alcohol and I feel happier and lighter every day.

As well as working hard with Linda, we also have a bit of a laugh about things. I feel I have a champion in her and she wants me to win.

If you are thinking about working with her then stop thinking about it and just do it. The investment in yourself, your quality of life and genuine happiness is more than worth it.

Dannie-Lu Carr, Personal Impact & Creativity Specialist / Writer / Speaker

My money mindset has shifted to a completely different plane

I went from charging $1,000 and feeling like I had to apologise, to comfortably charging 5 times that and filling my practice.

The shifts after working with Linda have been invaluable. Not only do I feel confident in charging my worth, I also have a solid ground to stand on in order to empower my own clients.

I’m convinced that the mental game is 90% of any success story, and being able to take the time to really do the deep work on myself has left me with true emotional freedom both personally and professionally.

The kind of work that Linda does has far-reaching effects. If you’re on the sidelines about it, just don’t be, take the leap and hire her – you won’t regret it!

Amy Humphries, Marketing Strategist & Mindset Mentor, I Run This Ship

This could change your life!

I thought Tapping was “mumbo jumbo”. I was wrong!

My career in public services and my past experiences were impacting my attitude to money and making money, which was holding my business back.

The results of our work have been bigger than just about money.

My attitude towards making money has transformed, and I now feel calmer and able to cope with situations and people that previously I found challenging. I can articulate the worth of my services and believe in that worth, and hold my head up high – without apologising or having a nervous breakdown in the process!

Coming from the public sector this change has been hugely significant and very important!

If you’re thinking of working with Linda, go for it – it could change your life!

Adele Shaw-Flach, Director, The Sweet Potato Consultancy

The best money I’ve ever spent …

Working with Linda has been the best decision I ever made. The work we did went really deep and tapping with her has helped me release all the pain of the past in a way that nothing else has. I had never done such deep personal development work before but the results have been totally worth it.

The transformation in my self esteem has been phenomenal and any sense of feeling like a fraud has vanished. I feel confident presenting myself and my business, and other people have been noticing the change in me too, personally as well as professionally!

At the same time my business has grown so much that I’m looking to bring someone in to help manage the extra load.

I can honestly say ‘I am a successful business woman’ now and FEEL it from my core. I am allowed to do well – I’ve never really felt that until now and it’s fabulous!

I feel more confident, capable and empowered than I ever would have believed possible and I’m excited about the future. Other people have noticed the change in me too!

Thank you, Linda, this was the best money I’ve ever spent.

Julie Trickey, Owner, Sidmouth Fabrics

I used to self-sabotage and that has stopped

I was underpricing and just generally struggling with charging money for doing things that I didn’t find difficult.

I had tried tapping but didn’t really understand it. I still don’t, I just know it works. It’s like magic!

The way I think about money and my worth and the value I bring to my business has completely transformed. I’ve stopped doing work that I don’t enjoy. I’ve got the confidence to start a project which I have wanted to do for years. But the biggest thing is that I can really notice when my thoughts aren’t in line with what I want to achieve and I can tap away the crappiness and move on quickly.

I used to self sabotage when things were going well for me and that has stopped. Lots of new opportunities have opened up and I’ve had the confidence to say no to the ones that don’t feel right, without feeling guilty. I am really tuned in to what’s right for me now.

I think many of us have old beliefs that no longer serve us, but we have no idea how much they block us and hold us back from success.

If you’re thinking of working with Linda, my advice is to go for it!

Maria Watson, Owner, The Details Director

Stunned and delighted!

I just wanted to share how thrilled I am after giving my first talk on Wednesday. It went SO well! I remembered the visualisation, kept tapping my fingers and it really helped. I didn’t feel overly anxious, and by focussing on what I was bringing to them it really kept me open and my talk just flowed.

33 of the 40 people there signed up for my free give-away; one called today to book in a consultation; another said she wants to work with me; another wants me to work with her husband; four people came up to me saying they are interested in me delivering leadership coaching to their team members and there is also the potential to speak in their organisations.

Thank you so much for your help here, I could really sense a difference in myself and how relaxed I was.

Hilary Lees, Career and Leadership Coach, Essence Coaching

I’m over the moon that we uncovered this …


There were times when i would go really stiff in front of a video camera and as I had a number of videos to do, this was getting to be a bit of a problem!

As a therapist myself I had tried many things and came to the conclusion I needed someone else to guide me, and I’m very fortunate to have found Linda.

She is a gentle guide who skilfully worked with the various things that came up until we found the real cause – something that had never come up before and yet I’d been carrying it around for years and it was having this bizarre effect on me. Neither of us could ever have guessed this one, as it had absolutely no logical connection with video cameras!

I’m over the moon that we uncovered this and that with Linda’s help I have finally managed to let it go.

If you’re feeling stuck in any way, I would thoroughly recommend working with her. She’s a lovely lady and a joy to work with.

Cathy Simmons, The Therapy Business Academy

Things have gone from strength to strength in my business

Despite a clear sense of ‘knowing’ what my purpose and gift was, something kept preventing me from moving forward with it.

Call it fear, procrastination, self-sabotage, I wasn’t sure what was behind it but I knew I had to overcome it so I saw my work with Linda as an investment in the future of my business.

I experienced a shift during my 6 weeks working with her and since then things have gone from strength to strength in my business. I’d be lying if I said there was no fear – I am constantly pushing the edges of my comfort zone. But now I am able to face and walk through the fear rather than letting it paralyse me.

Catherine Watkin, Selling From The Heart

It has been a miraculous journey in many ways …

I was fortunate enough to be recommended Linda by a friend, just at the right time. I was going through a big shift which required an up-level to the business.

Working with Linda I felt fully supported through the challenges of growth without my usual overwhelm, anxiety or panic. I was able to flow much more quickly than ever before though blocks, limiting beliefs and bad habits to reach my goals with much more focus, clarity and understanding of how I truly wanted to be feeling.

It has been a miraculous journey in many ways and transformed not just my business, but my outlook on life in general.

I’m hugely grateful for the professionalism, genuine care and wisdom Linda offers. Thank you for being an invaluable part of my journey that has allowed me to grow into much more success in my business, financially as well as much more time for fun and adventure too.

Davinder Ojalla, Transformation Coach & Consciousness Educator

Working with Linda has truly been life-changing

Investing in coaching with Linda is one of the best things I’ve ever done because of the direct effect it’s had on my personal and business growth. I did not feel worthy at all at the start, and money was just one place it was manifesting. My family and friends all seemed to have the “old-world” philosophy of money, so I was glad to have the support of a like-minded mentor to keep me from getting sucked into their mindset.

We covered a variety of topics outside of business and money, eg decision-making and how the fear of making a wrong decision has been a block throughout my life.

My feelings of worthiness have soared as a result and working with Linda has truly been life-changing.

Jillian Lama, Nutrition & Body Image Coach

Now I love having the money conversation

Heather Salmon

Before I worked with Linda I was massively conflicted about making money in my business. I knew 2014 was a make or break year as I had left my job (and didn’t want another one!).

Working with her had me see that my only barrier to earning from my coaching was my emotional resistance to money – being unwilling to be responsible for setting my own value in the world and open to receiving that value.

Now I love to have the money conversation. Where I used to have money as a trap, I now experience it as freedom. The freedom to work in a way the supports me, doing work that I love, and the freedom to use the proceeds of my coaching business to create an amazing company committed to positive change in the world.

Heather Salmon, Coach, Author, Mission-Led Entrepreneur
Newborn: A Modern Fable

Marketing became a joyful experience…

I was struggling with procrastination on marketing my business which I had revamped at the beginning of the year. I knew it was something to do with my beliefs that was stopping me. I was putting into practice all the right marketing advice, but yet still felt it was an uphill struggle and it was definitely affecting my self-esteem.

Working with Linda I immediately experienced a huge sense of relief and calm. Understanding where my fear of getting out there came from (my younger self trying to keep me safe) was a revelation. It also increased my belief in myself as a business owner and taken the fear out of getting out there and promoting my work so that I can help others.

Out of the feeling of calm, marketing became a joyful experience rather than feeling like hard work. Thanks Linda!

Kate Bacon, Web Designer for Solopreneurs

Working with Linda has completely changed my life…

I have been doing my own personal development work for years but there was always something stopped me from really taking the action in my life that I wanted to.

My future was always just there… in the future.

Working with Linda has completely changed my life and I no longer live in the ‘what I could do íf only’ world. From the first session I had amazing insights and shifts, and I have gone from being a really positive person but with little belief she could really do it, to being a really positive person who walks the walk as well as talking the talk.

In a business where I empower other women, this work has been invaluable and the benefits will show in the success of my business for the rest of my life

Fiona Heart, The Confidence Coach

In the space of a 2-minute conversation, Linda highlighted a core belief that I wasn’t even aware of

I was impressed on meeting Linda because in the space of a 2 minute conversation during a break at a workshop, she made me feel completely at ease AND highlighted a core belief that I wasn’t even aware of that was doing a really good job of sabotaging my working life.

Working with her enabled me to increase my prices (they had been the same for 15 years) and have the confidence to take a marketing course to begin the process of building my business further.

Linda effortlessly creates rapport with her clients and I felt totally supported throughout the process. I knew I could email her between sessions for that little bit of extra support, which i did on a number of occasions. She ALWAYS instinctively knew the right word or phrase that hit the spot, sometimes to challenge me but always with love and kindness

As an EFT practitioner I know Tapping works, but Linda is in a class of her own in the implementation of the technique.

Samantha Selby, The Birth Healer

I had my doubts before we started …

Sarah Durrant, Lead From Within

I was contemplating big changes in my business and was struggling with self-doubt and low confidence, which were often threatening and sometimes overwhelming. Linda created a safe, supportive space in which I could explore my anxieties and meet them with compassion and understanding.

I admit I had my doubts about EFT before we started but working with Linda this fell away as she enabled me to trade my tension, anxiety and fear for a deeper grounding in my wisest, most compassionate self.

If you’re struggling with the fears, anxieties and doubts which can so readily loom when we create a heart-centred business, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with her.

Sarah Durrant, Owner/Founder, Lead From Within

I’m so happy I invested in this programme with Linda

Photo of Sue Baker

I now have the clarity and confidence I need to move forward

I have always resisted investing in my business (which is me!) but I’m so pleased I did, and I would recommend anyone who wants help overcoming their negative beliefs and getting clear on their vision to do this programme – you definitely won’t regret it!

Linda is a truly gifted practitioner and I’m so glad I found her.

Sue Baker, It’s Never Too Late

I doubled my previous year’s earnings within 6 months

Adelina Chalmers, Presenting Good Practice

If you’re struggling like I was before working with Linda and feel embarrassed talking about money with your clients, go ahead and apply for a Discovery Session to find out about your blocks and how to work around them.  It’s completely free so you have nothing to lose. In fact you’ll just find out a bit more about yourself!

Within 6 months of working with her I brought in £40,000 from new sales and doubled my previous year’s earnings!’

Adelina Chalmers, The Geek Whisperer

This was definitely worth the investment in me and my business

Ann Brown, Happy Being You

I knew there was something holding me back from really blossoming in my business and was determined to find out what it was and move through it.

Since completing the programme I feel much more grounded and confident in my business and in my ability to ask for and receive money.

I’m now preparing to launch my first live networking group for self-employed women, that I KNOW will be a huge success – and I don’t think I would have done that without Linda’s help.

Linda is calm and compassionate and she has a quirky sense of humour that gently jolts you when you’re stuck. The tapping process was powerful and working with her was definitely worth the investment in me and my business!

Ann Brown, Happy Being You

I’m so glad I took the plunge!

Madeleine Forbes

I was initially sceptical about investing in Tapping sessions with Linda. The results people were talking about seemed too good to be true, but I knew I had to do something drastic if I was going to make my business work. So I took the plunge. I’m so glad I did!

I’ve gained more clients and earned more money since tapping with Linda than ever before. Most importantly, I can relax and enjoy the work I do, knowing that when I hit a bump along the way, I have the tools I need to get over it, and I’ll have them now for life.

Madeleine Forbes,

I am earning more and feeling much more confident about what I’m truly capable of

Jane Bennett

I was amazed how quickly Linda unearthed some deep-seated beliefs that were stopping me and how tapping with her really helped.

She is a joy to work with, really knows her stuff and brings a lovely light-heartedness even to sticky issues.

I can honestly say that I am now earning more and feeling much more confident about what I am truly capable of, so much so that I have to re-do some videos which I clearly made before working with Linda!

Jane Bennett,

My dreams are now totally within reach for my business

Melanie Mackie, Scarletta Media

Before working with Linda my business was growing but I had hidden barriers to success that needed attention.

I am now confidently growing my business globally, have a new client in the USA and am no longer playing it small.  I’m using my intuition more, more clients are coming my way and more money is flowing into my business and life.

If you’re feeling stuck, keep an open mind and give tapping a go with Linda. She is skilled at getting to the root of things and helping you move forwards in a supportive way.  You never know what blocks are holding you back until you delve deeper!

Melanie Mackie, Scarletta Media

Money has started flowing more easily into my business

Katie Duckworth

I knew I had to be making regular calls to potential clients but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Ringing the busy CEO of a charity seemed impossible. I’d be taking up their time, being too pushy, looking needy, and there was no way I was going to do it!

Working with Linda helped me see I was putting the brakes on my business with some massive limiting beliefs about money and wealth. How could I attract more clients when I thought making money was essentially bad?

I’ve now got a powerful, easy-to-use tool to help me push through my fears and trust I have something valuable to share. Money is beginning to flow more easily into my business.

And have I started making those calls? Yes! It felt utterly amazing when the first time I rang a Chief Exec, he described the challenges he was having and asked me “Can you help?” Yes, I most certainly can!

Katie Duckworth, Charity Sector Coach & Trainer

I’m so glad I trusted my instincts to work with Linda

Susanna Grace

My 10yr old business was successful: I was confident and comfortable and felt ready to expand my services, but after completing a business development course I felt resistant and blocked to taking the actions I knew I needed to take.

EFT seemed too good to be true and too generic for me. In Linda’s hands however, it was both powerful and effective. She is very intuitive and very skilful, and her relaxed gentle manner hides a deep understanding of human nature and psychology.

Deep seated beliefs and old emotional patterns surfaced naturally and were let go of easily, often with humour. I gained a greater sense of inner freedom, more self knowledge and now feel better resourced.

I’m so glad I trusted my instincts and booked a Discovery session, which lead me to work further with her. Linda helped me change and gave me the tools to go on changing.

Susanna Grace –

You’ll be proud of me, Linda 

Penny DablinFreelance Copywriter

I’ve made more money already this month than I’ve made in any single month for a year or more, and that includes when I was working in a paid JOB! Obviously we cleared something and now I’m able to receive. 3 cheers for tapping!

If your life is not working for you the way you’d like then I highly recommend you speak to Linda and get clear of whatever’s blocking you.

Penny Dablin,

I’m now enjoying the journey and excited about what the future will hold

Petra Harries

When I met Linda at a networking event, I was in a great deal of physical and emotional pain. I had reached a stage where I recognised that in order to move on with my life and create the business I was born to create, I needed to address the issues lying behind the pain.

Linda has a very warm and empathic nature and I knew that I would feel safe enough to open up and share some very personal experiences, something I had struggled with when working with other practitioners.

For me, her great skill lies in being able to quickly get to the heart of the issue that needs resolving through compassionate listening, gentle questioning and deep understanding.

She helped me to recognise the challenges in growing my business as adventures, and I’m now enjoying the journey and excited about what the future holds.

Petra Harries,

Working with Linda has the potential to transform your life as well as your business

Testimonial for Tap Into Your Success from Julieanne Steele

When I signed up to work with Linda I was unhappy how my life had turned out post divorce and had an overwhelming fear of the future.  I was struggling to combine being a mother with being a business owner and beginning to wonder if I would just have to take any work to get by and pay my bills.

Working with Linda’s support and expert guidance using Tapping to release my fears, I have opened up to a whole new flow of possibilities and now feel confident reaching out and growing my business. I also have a powerful tool-for-life to support me on my self-employment journey.

If you haven’t tried Tapping yet, I highly recommend you give it a go – it has the potential to transform your life, as well as your business.

Julieanne Steel,

The tapping definitely helped

I just wanted to let you know that the talk went really well.  I felt I was myself, wasn’t really  that nervous and only practised the talk once before I did it.  Quite a difference to how I’ve been feeling before doing any public speaking in the past!  The tapping definitely helped, thank you so much.

Claire Zarb,

This morning’s session has shifted so much!

Linda thank you so much for the amazing session, you are brilliant!!  I just walked through the front door and found myself thinking ‘Oh, I’m looking forward to finding different ways to market my business’ and found excitement welling up inside me.  Wow, this morning’s session has shifted so much! 

Nicola Welsh, Cambridge

I’m already getting more clients!

Inger Madsen, Homeopath

“I knew I needed to develop my marketing skills but something was holding me back, though it was not something obvious like lack of confidence in my clinical skills or myself.

I booked a free half-hour Discovery Session with Linda and found I was holding some really surprising blocks to being successful.

Since working with Linda I have felt more confident about my marketing, I am able to make decisions more easily and I am now very focussed on the tasks at hand. I don’t feel nearly so helpless in terms of how to spend my marketing budget and am not so overwhelmed.

One other rather extraordinary outcome is that even though I haven’t yet made many changes to how I promote my business, I am already getting more clients! This must be because energetically I have removed the blocks to getting patients – nothing else has changed as yet.

Linda is tremendously insightful and her insights and compassion have made an immense difference to my life and to the work that I do.”

Inger Madsen,

I was surprised how quickly it made a difference

Chantek McNeilage

Although I had successfully run courses for many years I had always found the process of advertising and promotion challenging.  I decided to work with Linda and her EFT skills to throw some light on this and to hopefully shift this pattern.

After only two sessions the blocks and mistaken beliefs became clear and began to shift.  Today rather than the somewhat daunting challenge of gathering a workshop together there is now a quiet confidence and trust in the process which, in its own way has influenced the flow of interest and an increase in participants.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Linda and this work.  

Chantek McNeilage, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Facilitator,

Linda has helped me identify and work through a lifelong pattern of self-defeating behaviour

It is soooo liberating to see the pattern come up now and say, “No thank you…not this time”. Linda has incredible healing gifts – from my personal experience as her client: Her sessions foster an environment of total unconditional acceptance; a place where it’s really okay for me to bring my flaws. She is incredibly intuitive at identifying my limiting beliefs, adept at helping me work through them and then facilitate development of new, more empowering belief structures. Her passion for the path of personal growth and self-awareness is contagious and inspiring. In my book she’s a miracle worker! Thank you Linda!  

Mike Parisi, Skype Client in California, Owner of Beautiful Vacation Rental in Kauai –

The tapping was extraordinarily powerful and its effects have been lasting

I was already running my marketing business when I first met up with Linda. I was struggling with confidence and clarity issues and going round in circles feeling rather overwhelmed by all that I felt I had to complete.  

Liz Lewis

Linda’s tapping was extraordinarily powerful and its effects have been lasting. I was also taken with how simple it is to do and I can tap outside of the sessions as well which makes it even more powerful.

Linda has helped me enormously with my business issues relating to being focused, believing in positive outcomes and letting myself off the hook for not being perfect! She is a tremendously calm and practical person and totally non-judgmental in her approach.

I always left Linda’s company feeling valued and more optimistic and I am so glad that I found her. She is a real gem.

Liz Lewis,

I’m so glad I decided to work with Linda

As a coach I help small business owners with hiring and being a boss – to keep up with their growing business. My passion is to go beyond conventional “management blabla”. I want to offer a more holistic, creative and even fun approach – how my clients can be authentic, stay on top of things and feel more comfortable as a boss.

Before working with Linda I was struggling with conflicting beliefs around this and finding it very hard to express what I was about in a way that felt authentic and natural to me.

I felt very stuck and kept putting off doing anything about it. I am so glad I decided to work with Linda.

During the sessions she helped me to resolve two conflicting parts of myself and get them working together so that I now feel totally connected to my life’s purpose and to my clients, and can talk about my business in a way that feels very clear and congruent.

Specifically, I have made excellent progress with my website and have found new ways to help clients, including developing a new product.

I consider myself quite conventional when it comes to things like tapping and complementary therapies, and I had not really tried anything some people might think of as ‘alternative’ before. I am so glad that I did!” 

Jutta Nedden,

The change in me and my business focus has been immense 

When I first started working with Linda my personal life was in crisis and my business stuck in a rut, barely earning its keep.

I was very much lacking in self-confidence and found that calling people was a major block for me – I would find any excuse to put off picking up the phone!  I’d tried hypnotherapy but it hadn’t worked and certainly didn’t get anywhere near the issues I’ve been able to work through with Linda and tapping.

After just one session focusing on the block to calling people I made my next phone-call without a moment’s hesitation.  I was even able to call a family member I’d lost touch with and had been feeling guilty about – without a problem!

The change in me over time has been immense.  I have so much more confidence and self-belief, and no longer doubt my ability to establish a thriving business.   I have a new company, new office and new business cards; I have started networking confidently and am getting new clients as a result.  

What impresses me about Linda is her ability to sense what your issues are and what you need at any particular point.  The work I’ve done with her has been so helpful to me and I really appreciate her compassionate nature.

Sue Chase, Business Owner, Simple Solutions (cambs) Ltd – email sec[at] 

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