Conversation with Speaker, Author & Visionary Dr Andrea Pennington

In which we explore ways to tap away your blocks to making a great living doing what you love, and Dr Andrea volunteers to tap on her own blocks to abundance.

Conversation with Sarah Swanton of The Happy Healthy Entrepreneur Podcast

In which we talk about New Paradigm business principles, which are all about collaboration, mutual support and cooperation – and doing what you really (really) love instead of settling for what someone else thinks you should be doing.

Linda Anderson Happy Healthy Entrepreneur Podcast

Conversation with Julie Hall of Julie Hall Online

In which we talk about the Inner Gremlins that we all have to deal with on our journey to successful self-employment – even those people who are at the top of their game and seem to have it made!

Interview with Lynn Hord, The Joy Coach

In which we discuss ways to bring more joy into your business. Listen in for a quick and simple way to use Tapping when you’re in public. Or go here for a video tap-along to bring you more joy. Enjoy!

Interview with website coach and designer, Kate Bacon

In which we discuss what makes us procrastinate and put off writing content for our websites. (Ever done that?)

Interview with Karen Knott of Prime Time Business

In which we talk about the ups and downs of starting your own business in later life.

Interview with Holly Worton of Socially Holistic Podcast

In which we talk about the ups and downs of the journey to successful self-employment.


Socially Holistic Podcast with Linda Anderson, Tap Into Your Success

Interview with Corrina Gordon-Barnes of You Inspire Me

In which we explore the two scariest things about self-employment. Any idea what they are?