Linda Anderson, Mindset Magician + EFT Tapping CoachHi, I’m Linda Anderson, Mindset Magician & EFT Tapping Coach


Here’s the story of how I got here, doing what I do

My life-saving wake-up call has been hiding away in written form on this page for years and a part of me secretly hoped you would never notice it. So it’s taken some time, a lot of tapping and a ton of encouragement from others before I finally felt ready to share it in video format.

If my story resonates with you, I hope it might be of some help to you. And do please feel free to email me to share your own. I always love to hear from you.


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If you’re ready to let go of the fear of being judged, criticised or found out, and the exhausting need to get everything ‘right’ and be everything to everybody, and if you’re ready to take back control of your own life, click the button below to request one of the limited number of free (and absolutely no strings attached) opportunities to work with me personally in a Discovery Session and I’ll help you to:

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    • Devise a plan for clearing them so you can claim your life back
    • And take inspired, aligned action towards your goals

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“The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was greater than the risk it took to blossom” – Anais Nin

How long before you dare to blossom?

Life is not a dress rehearsal. I almost left it too late and didn’t really start living until I thought I was dying. Fill in the short form here and you’ll be sent a link to the online calendar where you can choose a slot.


It’s 2001. My husband’s been unemployed for a long, long time and the income from my healing practise is nowhere near enough to keep our little family afloat. So every day we’re sliding deeper and deeper in debt and it absolutely terrifies me.

I try again, hesitantly I’ll admit, to talk to him about it, but he gets agitated, and I shrink and pull back. I can’t bear anybody to be upset or angry with me, it’s just too scary.

So when I overhear his brother saying “Well can’t Linda get a job?”, of course I have to comply, it’s what they’re expecting of me.

Even though we all know that whatever I bring in will never be enough to cover even basic expenses, and if there does happen to be any extra it’s going to be clawed back straight away by the system.

But I do it anyway because I’m a good girl and I want them to keep loving me.


Fast forward two interminable years of compliance, being a good girl, doing what’s expected of me, working in a toxic atmosphere in a job I hate with a vengeance, and here we are in the Consultant’s office.

“I’m afraid it’s cancer Mrs. Anderson,” he says, “You’ll need to come in for a little operation.”

Time stops and my stomach lurches as I grapple with his words and try to take in what they actually mean for me.

I know he’s doing his best to make bad news palatable but I can’t help feeling incredibly patronised, as well as terrified, though of course I would never say so.


A lifetime of people-pleasing, over-giving, over-working, pushing my body to the limit and beyond just so I can be who I think they need me to be, or want me to be. Rarely saying no to anyone in case I upset them or disappoint them, or God forbid, make them angry with me, and here’s my body saying a very loud and clear “No,” on my behalf. “That’s enough, it has to stop!”

Here it is then, this is my spectacular wake up call, a life-threatening and in many ways life-saving boot up the backside!

“Wake up woman, speak for yourself, take charge of your own life and stop outsourcing direction to the opinions and expectations and judgements of others.

Trust that you’re enough just as you are and be the author of your own destiny so you can make the difference you know you’re here to make.”


It’s a pivotal moment, a truly terrifying moment, yet with it there’s a strange sense of relief, of elation even, and of freedom. The light-bulb realisation that yes, this really is my life and I get to decide what to do with it, no matter what other people might think or how they might judge me. 

This is such a priceless gift for me. Even though there are many tough times ahead and the gift is in completely crappy wrapping paper, I would never turn the clock back and change a thing, even if I could.

And that’s why I love my work now, supporting soul-inspired business owners to show up in the world as Who They Really Are, so they can make their difference and be well paid for the gifts that come naturally to them. 

Because I know the pain and the price of living according to other people’s opinions and priorities, and I also know the joy and fulfilment of daring to shine as Who You Really Are, I want to see them sparkle and shine fearlessly too.


So if any of this sounds like you, here’s what I really want you to know:

Don’t wait! Don’t wait a second longer to claim your life back
and start living it as your own!

And if you struggle with the fear of being judged or criticised as a result, or found out as a fraud, and you’re tired of that internal pressure to get everything right and to be everything to everybody, to the point that it’s really holding you back in your business, this is something that can be worked on and that, I promise you, can be changed. 

It’s also what makes this journey to successful self-employment a beautiful spiritual path.

So if you want to find out more, click the button below to apply for a free Discovery Session with me and let’s have a conversation.

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I offer a limited number of these opportunities to work with me personally for free each month (absolutely no strings attached) to help you:

    • Define clearly a vision of success on your own terms
    • Identify the biggest inner blocks holding you back
    • Devise a plan for clearing them so you can claim your life back
    • And take inspired, aligned action towards your goals

Can’t wait to see you on a call!

Me Now

I live in N W Essex with my husband of 34 years.

I love being outdoors, walking, cycling, messing about by the river, or just watching Nature and daydreaming.

I like cooking, learning new things (I’m a bit of a course junkie, especially for anything tapping-related), reading things that inspire me, spending time with friends and family on the same path.

Most of all I’m loving discovering, bit by bit, more of the Real Me and letting all the other (Not Me) stuff go. And helping other people do the same.

The Official Version

Business Mindset Magician and EFT Tapping Coach, Linda Anderson has been running her own business since 2003 and sees self-employment as a spiritual path, a unique opportunity for personal growth.

Linda supports soul-inspired business owners to conquer the deep-seated and often hidden blocks and fears that keep them playing small, so they can show up and shine as Who They Really Are, make the difference they know they’re here to make, and be well paid for the gifts that come naturally to them.


AAMET accredited Advanced EFT Practitioner
Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
Member of the Complementary Therapists’ Association
Member of the British School of Reflexology

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