You’re a coach, a healer,
a change agent

You want to get more clients and
make a difference in the world

You’re in the right place if you say:

• I need to get more clients but I hate sales and marketing
• I just want to help people
• I hate that question ‘So what do you do?’
• I dread being asked ‘How much do you charge?’
• I rarely quote my full rate and often give discounts

It would be so much easier if you could just do what you do brilliantly and have people line up to work with you and pay you

I know exactly where you’re coming from, believe me, I’ve been there.

And it’s completely normal …

As a healer, coach or therapist you’re all about helping people and transforming lives, but the sales and marketing side of things can feel somehow alien, ‘wrong’ or just out of alignment with your values.

But as a self-employed person, you are the business!  This can trigger a lot of self-doubt and unresolved emotional baggage that will have you procrastinating and avoiding tasks and situations where you feel vulnerable or exposed.

If you’re really serious about making a living doing what you love, finding a way to feel comfortable with marketing and money is every bit as important as being good at what you do.

After all, you have bills to pay and you need to eat, so you need to have a certain number of people find you and pay you, right?

Imagine how it would feel to say:

• I love talking to people about what I do
• I’m totally comfortable quoting my rates
• I’m confident in the value that I offer
• I’m booking new clients all the time

There is a way to transform all the discomfort you feel around marketing and money so you can promote yourself and the services you offer in a way that feels exciting and authentic to you.

Break through your money blocks and so much more

Using cutting edge mind/body tools like EFT Tapping, I can help you break those blocks, get more clients, make more money and an even bigger difference in the world doing what you love

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